Artist of the moment…….Simon Tookoome….

Simon Tookoome was another of the fantastic Inuit artists. Tookoome was both a painter and a sculptor, producing a large amount of work in both mediums. Simon Tookoome was born in the year 1934.

The artist began to produce carvings with antlers and stone during the 1960s.

Tookoome was well diversified in all aspects of life. He worked in mines, in the fishing industry, and even as a camera operator for I.B.C. , the Inuit Broadcast Corporation.

Also renown for his drawings and many of his works on paper or prints have to do with the recurring theme of the shaman performing some magic. Another theme allows the viewer to capture the moment in time as a fish turns into a man, or a man into a bear.

Simon Tookoome passed away in 2010.

price range information:  Tookoome’s drawings range from a few hundred dollars to $4,000. Works in stone, very small sculptures also start at a few hundred dollars.

Included in the collection of the National Gallery of Canada. A link for the musuem:

In this clip we see Simon Tookoome perform a traditional dance.

Some great drawings by Simon Tookoome. I shall also add a hint, if you are taking a video or a photograph of a flat object with your camera, make sure that both objects are at the same  plane. If the painting is at 30%, make the camera at 30% or you will get distortions as we see in this video. Great example of the artist’s work though!

Simon Tookoome passed away in 2010, here see a memorial for the artist.

Like our friend James Houston, the artist who helped bring the Inuit international acclaim, Tookoome also produced a book. The book is titled Shaman’s Nephew, and he won an award from the country of Canada for this work published in 2000.


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