Artist of the moment….Akeeakshatuk

Akeeakshatuk was born in 1898  in what used to be called Port Harrison located in the Canadian province of Quebec. Akeeakshatuk was one of the original artists James Houston took under his wing and helped to promote the world to opening their eyes to the art of the Inuit people.

Akeeakshatuk died during a walrus hunting trip as he fell into the water and died in 1954.

Stories about the artist say he was happy and jolly and enjoyed capturing people. Akeeakshatuk used the traditional materials used by the Inuits, but on most occasions he includes at least two different mediums in his finished sculptures. So you might have a piece carved from whalebone, that also had some ivory incorporated in the piece as well. The ivory might be used as the teeth for walrus. The artist also enjoyed carving birds.

Mediums used: Black ochre, ivory, beads, sinew, antlers, whalebones, soapstone

He is my favorite carver of animals, the walrus pieces are spectacular for their use of mixed media and expression of  the animal captured perfectly.

Was among the first Inuit artists to achieve fame and recognition in the press appearing in the popular magazine Town and Country.

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