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Artist of the moment……Ennutsiak Ennutsiak

Ennutsiak Ennutsiak was another of the great Inuit artists of the 1900s. His work actually fetches more than any of the artists profiled so far. Ennutsiak worked with the themes of every day life but his work is more sophisticated than his peers with many carvings having multiple characters. He also was able to incorporate movement into his sculptures, a great example of this is in the gallery with one character jumping over the other playing “Leapfrog.” ¬† Ennutsiak was born in the year 1986 in northern part of Quebec province in Canada.

Price range information:  Ennutsiak was a sculptor and works range from $3,000 to $90,000. His mediums were the normal Inuit materials such as antlers, whalebone, stone, steatite, and other found materials.

Our friends at Waddington’s Auction house of Canada bring us the following clips showing works by the artist. See the imagination of the artist here, a birthing scene.

Another work titled Piggy Back ride.

And Hunters Butchering a Walrus.

The artist passed away in 1967 whilst living on Baffin Island, where many Inuit families profiled here make their home.

Make sure to check out the other master Inuit sculptors on this site. For me I so enjoy their work because their civilization and tribe were on the decline with the fall of the fur trade in Canada and worldwide.  Thank goodness for James Houston and his idea to make the Inuit people known for their intricate carvings. The Inuit works went from being stored away for safekeeping and held in Inuit homes, to being sold for great sums of money and now annual sales surpass the $10 million dollar mark.


Happy Easter to all those celebrating today!