Artist of the moment…Alexander Ney…

Alexander Ney is a wonderful sculptor that was born in Leningrad, Russia in the year 1939.  The artist came to the United States in 1974 and settled in New York city.  Ney is renown for using terra cotta as his medium of choice. He has unique forms in these works as well, my favorite in this series is the bird skulls. Some artists enjoy working with certain forms for their curves and their design aspect. Many of his heads seem like they are from a different planet as the features are so unique.

price range information: Sculpture in his special terra cotta porcelain mixture sell between $5,000 and $25,000.

Born just at the cusp of the outbreak of the second world war at only two years old Ney was forced to take part in the Siege of Leningrad. Many people were killed including hundreds of thousands of children. Luckily for us the artist survived this terrible ordeal.

As a child the artist mentored with artist V.V. Lishev.

For his collegiate studies Nay attended the Art School of the Leningrad Academy of Arts and the Art School of the Surikov Moscow Institute.

As you can tell from his works, he was very modern thinking in his artistic views, very progressive. He eventually came to clash with those in power and decided to leave his home country for France in 1972. Two years later he would head for the United States.

One of the artist’s sharing his same theories on art was Alexander Kosopalov. Kosopalov was one of the first artists of Russia to make social comments on political events and society. In this picture by Kosopalov we see him pay homage to Abstract master Kaspar Malevich, at first glace it reminds  me of the Marlboro brand logo.


In this clip we see the son of Alexander Ney deliver a sculpture to a satisfied client! Joel the artist’s son tells us briefly about his father’s working method. He starts with a  special company made mixture of clay and terra cotta.

I enjoy Ney’s work for the fact its so unique and you can tell one of his works at first glance because of his great and style that has evolved over the years. He makes the imagined heads  seem very real with his technique.


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