Artist of the moment….Mimmo Rotella

Mimmo Rotella was a wonderful Pop artist that specialized in decollage. Mimmo Rotella was born in Catanza, Calabria part of Italy in the year 1918. His working process was to take a poster, tear it apart, and then rearrange it. In addition Rotella was also a poet.

After leaving the armed forces he attended the Naples Art Academy. Rotella even invented art and poetry by sometimes making up words.

Fulbright Scholar at the University of Missouri.

Started producing his signature decollage works in 1953.

Price range information: The artist worked for the most part in series containing 100 to 250 print editions that range from $1,000 to $2,000 for the most part. Original works range $10,000 to $30,000. No pricing available for sculpture works like the bookshelves or seats. I think the seats would be a great commission work for an artist to decorate the public bus stop seats or even community park benches.

In this clip we visit a hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland and a show given in 2012 featuring Mimmo Rotella.

The artist was part  of the Nouveau Realisme movement. The founding member of this group was Pierre Restany. Restany was a well respected art critic at a time when they mattered dearly to any artist! Also coming from France, the idea of the organization was to rethink and redine what art was. Another  famous artist coming from the group was Yves Klein. Yves Klein was a great pop artist that only produced work for less than one decade. He is renown for a type of designer blue that he invented appropriately called Klein Blue.

Yves Klein despite his short life had a great impact on culture and design. For an example of rethinking what art is and can be check out this clip! A nude seen in 2000 type setting, naked and covered with paint. Keep in mind Klein come up with the idea in 1962.

And here we have a resin cast sculpture by Klein. Klein passed away in 1962 after suffering a few heart attacks at the age of 34.


Rotella passed away in 2006 in Milan, Italy.

Rotella is a great example of a decollage artist that is very much in sync with the moment, a great example of Pop art.


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