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Artist of the moment………Karoo Ashevak





Karoo Ashevak was a leading artist of the Inuit tribe of Canada born in 1940. Similar to TC Cannon the artist died at a young age. Ashevak was killed in a house fire. His work is highly unique and collectable. For his sculpture works he carved them out of whale bone. His art is included in the national museums in Canada.His art from a native person of the region is just as much a detailed scientific goldmine in addition he added stone, antlers, ivory, as nd other found materials.

Price ranges: sculptures from wood and stone range $5,000 to $50,000.
In this clip view an auction for a sculpture of Ashevak.

Despite dying in a housefire Ashevak lived much of his life as a nomad.

Settled in Taloyoak, Nunavu.

Whilst here he took an arts and crafts program that forever changed his life. He gained national and worldwide critical acclaim at a young age for his unique whalebone sculptures.

Died in a house fire in 1974.