Artist of the moment …….Katharina Grosse

In this clip Grosse shares with us some of her creative process.

Katharina Grosse was born in Freiburg/ Breisgau ,Germany in the year 1961. An abstract artist Grosse sometimes uses spray paint in her work. Her art includes glimpses of many different styles from street art (spray paint), fresco, abstract expressionist, and even color field painting. Grosse is not only a painter, but also a sculptor. Many works appear to come right out of the wall.
For her artistc education the artist attended the Kunstakademe Munster and Dusseldorf for eight years. She herself occassionally is guest professor at the collegiate level.
Currently lives and works out of Berlin, Germany.
Price range information: Lithographs range from $2,000 to $5,000. Originals range $10,000 to $35,000.
I never really got excited about abstract art until I saw the artist Homare Ikeda. Ikeda loves the process of creating working on several paintings at once applying paint using varied techniques such as dripping, spattering, and even wax encaustic methods. Ikeda is based out Denver and below is an example of his style.

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