Artist family of the moment….Claude and Francois- Xavier Lalanne….

Claude and Francois Lalanne were a French couple that specialized in sculpture. Both were internationally renown for their depictions of animals in three dimensions.


Claude Lalanne was born in the year 1924 in Paris, France. Claude Lalanne  specialized in what is termed as zoomorphic animals. I would characterize her work as very modern perhaps the works could be maquette for many of the creatures now found in many current science fiction movies. She also enjoyed giving her animals a sense of humanism by dressing them in human clothes. Here is a short gallery featuring some works of Claude Lalanne. Like her husband many works of art also double as mirros, tables, chairs, and benches.

claude claude1 claude2 claude4 claude5



Claude and Francois Lalanne also did collaborative work as a couple. Below is a wonderful example of their work in a sculpture garden. Its great to see the sculptures interacting with nature as the artists intended.


Claude Lalanne still lives and produces fantastic artwork living and working out of Ury, France.

Price range information: Claude Lalanne worked in bronzes with range from $20,000 to $72,000. Aluminum works can reach the low six figures. Works in copper are the lowest priced some close to $10,00o.

Francois- Xavier Lalanne was best known for his wonderful sculptures of sheep. In this great clip we see his signature works of sheep at auction with auction house Phillips de Pury. 

Price range for Francois- Xavier Lalanne: Lithographs can be found between $5,000 and $10,000. Most sculptures are priced between $10,000 and $50,000 but larger works are passing the $200,000 barrier at auction.

Francois- Xavier Lalanne was born in the year 1927 in Agen, Gascony France. For his artistic education Lalanne attended the Academie Julian in Paris studying drawing, painting, and sculpture. First major solo exhibition in the year 1952.

fran1 fran2 fran3 fran4

Francois started to do collaborative work with the artist Claude Depeux starting in 1956.

In comparison to his wife, his works can often double as furniture.

Spent much of his later years in life at an estate in Ury, France.


Married Claude Depeux in the year 1967.

Francois Lalanne passed away in 2008 at the age of 81 years old.


Fashion designers loved collected his art. Some famous designers that requested commissions were Yves- Saint Laurent, Pierre Berger, and Marc Jacobs. Another collector was the interior decorator Peter Marino.


Though the couple is often thought of as a tandem, the couple did few works together.


What couple immediately jumps to mind when working with three dimensions, sometimes in collaboration. The couple known as Christo and Jean- Claude. The couple were renown for their very large installations across the globe. In this clip the two talk about their project here in Colorado over the Arkansas River. This couple enjoyed working together and for a long period of time always took separate planes to locations, that way if the plane crashed one artist could continue their life’s work. What dedication! Christo is still alive today.

A quick sketch from their Colorado project.




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  1. richard mau, m.d. Said:

    I have a Daum ltd. edition crystal sculpture of a bird with a glass pearl in its open beak, bought in the 1980’s or so for a few hundred dollars at a crystal shop…the bird now is damaged and badly repaired….designed by francois lalanne….how can I get a replacement?…I know he died 8 years ago….I contacted Daum a few years ago and they sold the last one they had….

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