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Artist of the moment….Jeff Faust….

Jeff Faust is a self taught painter who paints wonderful leaves and skies. Jeff Faust was born in Sandy Hook, Connecticut in the year 1952 and was one of four children in the household. In addition he was the only male child.

The Faust family enjoyed the arts and they were quite active in the theater scene in New York city. The family enjoyed many of the creative forms of art. The family moved from New York to California when the artist was only five years old.

Faust is basically self taught. Though my argument is that all artists,especially realist painters, spend so much time analyzing other painters and copying works. For me all realist painters are self taught, but those who attend a premier school such as Yale get to their end goals quicker due to a more structured learning environment. But as a realist, you are self taught!

Before the artist was even ten years old he was studying his favorite master painters such as Rene Magritte and Salvadore Dali. Both were Surrealist painters I have written about in the past.

He works mainly in acrylics with a Surrealist style. I first saw his work in American Art Collector magazine and the painting was of a bird that had no feathers but had leaves instead. Very lifelike style of realism.


Another great genre explored by Faust is the bird’s nest. I am working on a list of my favorite painters of the bird’s nest as a common theme that can be interpreted many ways. Faust also paints wonderful seascapes.

His artwork is Surreal in nature and includes objects and subjects that are seen in unusual combinations. A cloud with a rope wrapped around it. I really enjoy this form of heightened Surrealist work that feels real. Similar to the wonderful sculpture about the Lalanne family I just made of the lips appearing in the apple. The viewer knows in his or her mind that such an apple doesn’t exist, but there it is in three dimensions. What outstanding creativity in the idea and execution of technique with the spectacular end result.

The artist goes on daily nature walks collecting the smaller items such as sticks and twigs found in many of works.

Here is a clip showing many works of Faust set to music. The beginning has some Russian words and then the paintings start 14 seconds into the clip.

A link to the artist’s own website:

As a business major myself I give Kudos to artists who are not only gifted with art talent, but master’s of the business of art. Not only does Faust sell his original works, but limited edition prints can be found through this link ranging from $400 to $2,300. An excellent way to attract more buyers who might be scared away by the cost of an original.

As the artist calls himself self taught and I mentioned Magritte and Dali, another artist deeply respected by the artist was the Spanish artist Joan Miro. An example of Miro’s work is below.


Keep an eye out for this wonderful artist in American Art Collector. He is included in many corporate collections in the United States, Europe, and Japan.


Artist of the moment…..Arnold Friberg…

Arnold Friberg was one of the best illustrators and painters of the western genre in American history. Arnold Friberg was born December 21 in the year 1913 in Winnetka, Illinois.

Friberg was granted the opportunity to illustrate the Book of Mormon. In this clip we visit some of these works. Friberg was baptized into the Church of Latter Day Saints when he was eight years old.

In addition to painting many religious works, Friberg was also a well known historical painter. In this clip we visit one of Friberg’s most famous works, the Prayer at Valley Forge featuring President George Washington. The painting was completed in 1975.

In this clip see many works by Friberg over his long career.

Arnold Friberg was also renown for  a series he painted featuring the life of the Royal Mounties. This was at a time period when many of the top magazines were outdoor men’s lifestyle, so he was able to gain deal of attention for these works. The artist is the only American given honorary  membership to the Canadian Mounties, he completed more than 200 of these paintings over his career for the Northwest Paper Company. Here is a link to his estate’s website featuring some of these works.

Friberg was given a lifelong membership to the Royal Academy of Arts based out of London, England.

Friberg was well known in the illustration world and received a great deal of attention for a series of paintings featuring the epic film The Ten Commandments.

The artist was able to start earning money from art when he was still teenager by working for a local sign company.

For his collegiate studies Friberg attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts.

In 1940 Friberg went to New York and studied under Harvey Dunn. Dunn was a great illustrator of group scenes much in the same manner as contemporary artist Morgan Weistling. Dunn was based on the eastern coast of the United States but used the west and primarily South Dakota as a basis for much of western themed work. Below is an example of Dunn’s artistic style.




Friberg left New York for San Francisco in 1948. He was able to establish himself quickly in the commercial art field by illustrating calendars. He also married. Shortly after it was recommended the couple move to a drier climate for his wife’s health. The couple chose Utah and Friberg was even a professor at the University of Utah.

Another great moment for the artist’s commercial career was when auto maker Chevrolet chose Friberg to illustrate great moments in college football.

Friberg also won commissions for the original Las Vegas casino the Golden Nugget. These were western themed paintings featuring saloons.

Price range information: The artist worked mainly in oils and they range from $10,000 to $60,000.

Was also commissioned to print HRH and Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace.

Friberg was a wonderful artist and I make sure and see some of his paintings at least once every couple of months. Its amazing the detail the artists includes in the clothing of the Native American Indian.


Artist family of the moment….Claude and Francois- Xavier Lalanne….

Claude and Francois Lalanne were a French couple that specialized in sculpture. Both were internationally renown for their depictions of animals in three dimensions.


Claude Lalanne was born in the year 1924 in Paris, France. Claude Lalanne  specialized in what is termed as zoomorphic animals. I would characterize her work as very modern perhaps the works could be maquette for many of the creatures now found in many current science fiction movies. She also enjoyed giving her animals a sense of humanism by dressing them in human clothes. Here is a short gallery featuring some works of Claude Lalanne. Like her husband many works of art also double as mirros, tables, chairs, and benches.

claude claude1 claude2 claude4 claude5



Claude and Francois Lalanne also did collaborative work as a couple. Below is a wonderful example of their work in a sculpture garden. Its great to see the sculptures interacting with nature as the artists intended.


Claude Lalanne still lives and produces fantastic artwork living and working out of Ury, France.

Price range information: Claude Lalanne worked in bronzes with range from $20,000 to $72,000. Aluminum works can reach the low six figures. Works in copper are the lowest priced some close to $10,00o.

Francois- Xavier Lalanne was best known for his wonderful sculptures of sheep. In this great clip we see his signature works of sheep at auction with auction house Phillips de Pury. 

Price range for Francois- Xavier Lalanne: Lithographs can be found between $5,000 and $10,000. Most sculptures are priced between $10,000 and $50,000 but larger works are passing the $200,000 barrier at auction.

Francois- Xavier Lalanne was born in the year 1927 in Agen, Gascony France. For his artistic education Lalanne attended the Academie Julian in Paris studying drawing, painting, and sculpture. First major solo exhibition in the year 1952.

fran1 fran2 fran3 fran4

Francois started to do collaborative work with the artist Claude Depeux starting in 1956.

In comparison to his wife, his works can often double as furniture.

Spent much of his later years in life at an estate in Ury, France.


Married Claude Depeux in the year 1967.

Francois Lalanne passed away in 2008 at the age of 81 years old.


Fashion designers loved collected his art. Some famous designers that requested commissions were Yves- Saint Laurent, Pierre Berger, and Marc Jacobs. Another collector was the interior decorator Peter Marino.


Though the couple is often thought of as a tandem, the couple did few works together.


What couple immediately jumps to mind when working with three dimensions, sometimes in collaboration. The couple known as Christo and Jean- Claude. The couple were renown for their very large installations across the globe. In this clip the two talk about their project here in Colorado over the Arkansas River. This couple enjoyed working together and for a long period of time always took separate planes to locations, that way if the plane crashed one artist could continue their life’s work. What dedication! Christo is still alive today.

A quick sketch from their Colorado project.