Artist of the moment…..Matthew Cusick….

Matthew Cusick is a contemporary artist who makes wonderful works of art using recycled materials and papers such as maps. Matthew Cusick was born in New York city in the year 1970.  For his collegiate studies Cusick stayed in New York attending The Cooper Union finishing in 1993 with a bachelor’s of fine arts degree.

I love the way his art not only celebrates realism, but is also a form of pop art. Cusick does a great job at using text and words to bring more interest to his paintings. In addition to the cut collage, the artist uses acrylics to bring his works to completion.

Cusick is part of the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art Collection.

Paper’s used in his artwork:  Old textbooks, maps, atlases, encyclopedias.

A link to Matthew Cusick’s own personal artist website:

In this clip we see many works of art done by Matthew Cusick.

If you like Matthew Cusick’s style of art make sure and check out the wonderful Peter Clark. Peter Clark hails from Britain and makes awesome animals from discarded vintage papers. Here is a great example of Peter Clark’s style of art with this fun looking weiner dog.


Another artist who takes contemporary art to a new level is the British artist David Mach. Mach has produced some incredible works of art using the collage method, but I am most impressed with his portrait works. They are sculptures that don’t use paint, but rather the many colors found on imported matches. Here is a great example of his work with match heads with the resulting face of Charlie Chaplin.


Price range information:  Sorry, none available.

Try a collage today!

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