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Artist of the moment….Mihail Chemiakin…

Price range information: Many lithograph prints can be found between two and four thousand dollars. No pricing available for sculpture works or original works. He has worked with oils, acrylics, drawings, and sculpture.

In this clip we see a small outdoor sculpture section featuring Mihail Chemiakin. The park is located in Moscow, Russia.

Mihail Chemiakin was born in Moscow, Russia in the year 1943.

Chemiakin was exiled from Russia in 1971 partly for being an “underground artist” and relocated to Paris, France. 

1981 Chemiakin relocated again but this time to New York city.

In 1989 the artist returned to Russia for a retrospective of his work.

Won a prestigious government award given by then President Boris Yeltsen for his contribution to the Russian artworld in  1993.

Chemiakin started studying art at a high level whilst still enrolled in high school at the Repin Academy of the Arts in Leningrad, Russia.

In addition to producing many public sculptures for the parks around Russia, Chemiakin also designs theater and stage productions for the Mariinksy Theater.

Chemiakin reminds me of another spectacular Surrealist painter hailing from Russia, the wonderful Vladimir Kush. This is my favorite work by Vladimir Kush, what wonderful butterflies.


Chemiakin has many books for sale on Amazon that show his work as well.

Try a Surrealist work today. Use a brightly colored palette like these artist’s use or if you feel it try a Peter Max super charged color palette.