Artist of the moment….Larry Zox

Price range and medium information:  Zox worked made screenprints which range from a few hundred dollars to three thousand. Zox was highly productive with the medium of acrylics and these works can range from $4,000 to $20,000.

Larry Zox was born in the year 1937 in Des Moines, Iowa. Zox is considered both an abstract expressionist and a colorist. I would lean toward the color field definition as he played with color much more than the abstract expressionists. Also Zox enjoyed using basic geometric shapes in his work much more so than the abstract expressionist painters.

For his collegiate education Zox attended Drake University and Oklahoma University. Zox also participated with many artist-in-residency programs at Yale University, UNC – Greensboro North Carolina, and Dartmouth.

Zox was a recipient of many art awards including a Guggenheim Fellowship and grants from the National Endowment for the Arts.

A montage of work by Larry Zox below.

Zox passed away in 2006 at age of 69 years old from cancer.

Zox had a brother-in-law that is a well known and collected painter of the landscape named David Prentice. He was able to serve as a studio assistant to many well known abstract painters like Robert Motherwell and Jaspar Johns. He was born in 1943 and continues painting to this day. I enjoy his works for his use of color in the landscape and the great paint quality of his finished work. Many different textures are included in his paintings. A great example of Prentice’s work is below.


If I was to compare Larry Zox to another still living painter it would be the artist Romero Britto. Britto hails from Brazil and is collected by many celebs including Elton John and Michael Jordan. Though he has done a great deal of work with characters and cartoons, I love his work that emphasizes colors the most. Below is a great example of Britto’s work with color.


For some fun try working on a painting that deals only with color and color field painting!



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