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Artist of the moment……Elizabeth Peyton….


Price range information: Peyton is very prolific as an artist and has conquered many mediums. Oils range up to $615,000.  Watercolors range from $30,000  to $130,000. Lithographs range from $2,000 to $8,000.

A great clip of the artist’s work is below.

Elizabeth Peyton was born in 1965 in the city of Danbury, Connecticut.

For her collegiate education Peyton attended the School of Visual Arts located in New York city.

Peyton’s work has a modern Pop feel to it. Similar to Warhol and other pop artists Peyton uses images that we are all familiar with at some level. A beautiful man or women in a pose from a fashion magazine. Sometimes the artist paints celebrities as well.

Her big breakthrough in the art world came with a show given in 1993. It was held at the Chelsea Hotel in New York city and featured figurative works from the 1800s. In 1995 she did some very impressive works featuring the ex-Coldplay band leader Kurt Cobain.

Currently lives and works out of New York and also Berlin, Germany.

For a period of time she was married to a fellow artist named Rirkrit Tiravanija. This artist is very modern and his recurring theme has to do with getting people together. For some gallery shows he didn’t actually have works, but rather cooked Thai foods for the gallery visitors.


In some works he makes large maps of his travels and then includes pages from his passport. I found him to be similar to Andy Warhol in his manner of gathering large groups of people, this was the idea behind Warhol’s Silver Factory, and then documenting them.

Here is an example of Tiravanija’s style of art using his passport and his travels. The couple divorced in 2004.




I try to profile many different styles of art here but its tough to get the total feel of an installation work via computer. In this clip we Tiravanija bringing people together at a wonderful art event I hope to attend someday, Art Basel.



Peyton’s work reminds me of fashion illustration layouts. She was chosen to produce prints for Parkett art magazine, and then took up printmaking as a full time artistic endeavor. I enjoy the freshness and sometimes dripping effect she has on her portraits. The fact that she uses many small glazes of oil paint gives her work a plein air quality that reminds me of master Richard Schmid.

Here is a great example of the Peyton’s  use of photographs with this painting of J.F.K. and his mother.





And we have this very unique painting of a very young Prince William.




In this clip we visit a gallery show with our beloved artistic friend James Kalm checking out the art of Elizabeth Peyton.




If I had to compare her work to another contemporary artist it would be the artist and actress Delia Brown. Brown has appeared on nationally syndicated soap operas and has built a name in the art world for her paintings which portray her and her friends living the good life in mansions and other well to do hangouts. Below is a wonderful example of Delia Brown’s style of art. You can her use of glamour and celebrity is very similar to the way Peyton uses it.