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Artist of the moment……Efim Volkov….

Efim Volkov was a painter from the Russian Federation that flourished during the late nineteenth century. He was known for his landscapes. Efim Volkov was born in 1844 in the city of St. Petersburg, Russia. The drawing is a self portrait done by the artist.

In this clip we see a montage of works by Efim Volkov.

Price range information: Pencil drawings can be found between one and three thousand dollars. Oils range from $10,000 to $380,000.

Efim Volkov passed away in 1920 at the age of   76  years old.

I was unable to find much information on this artist but enjoy looking at his landscapes. The painters from the old school Russian Federation works all seem to have a great paint quality to their works. In landscapes their combination of cobalt turquoise with some greens and  vivid blues makes for wonderful paintings that all have a plein air feel to them.

Lets take a look at another painter who does a great job using the subdued Russian palette and is just starting out in his artistic career, Daniil Volkov. I enjoy the artists use of color and simple shapes. A great blend of abstraction and realism. Below is an example of Daniil Volkov’s style of painting. Love that Sorolla thickness of paint! Way to be bold!



I hope to do some more work with the painters of the Russian school. Its tough to find information sometimes, but finding painters like Daniil or Efim Volkov make it worthwhile!

Try painting your favorite landscape location today using the muted palette of the Russian school, don’t forget the cobalt turquoise!