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Artist of the moment…..Dog painters…..George Bush….The First Dog Barney Bush has passed away….

I am sure you know that former first dog of the white house, Barney Bush, passed away. In October we found out that the younger Ex President Bush has been taking painting lessons and learned to paint dogs. I was very impressed by this painting released a few days ago of Barney by his owner, George Bush.


Lets take a quick glance at some great painters of animals. First we have  Robert Abbett. Abbett has illustrated many magazines that were big time publications in the 1960s and 1970s and also illustrated a comic book series featuring Tarzan.

An offering from Abbett is below.  You can sense the tense feeling of the atmosphere of the dogs finally locating their prized goal.


I love to paint dogs as well. The artist who inspires me most to paint them is John Weiss. Weiss has long had a contract to reproduce his artwork from Greenwich workshop. Below is wonderful example of Weiss’s work with man’s best friend. He does a great job at showing mans companionship with his four legged friend. Weiss does a great job at capturing the playfulness of puppies in this work. Be sure and catch the puppy superbowl tomorrow.

John Weiss 16

Try painting a dog today!


Artist of the moment……Dave Kinsey….

Dave Kinsey was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the year 1971. Kinsey is known for graffiti/ urban style of artwork.

I found this great link that has a series dedicated to some well known modern graffiti artists such as David Choe, who became a millionaire from trading his art skills for Facebook stock. Kinsey is also featured and more than twenty other artists:

Kinsey talks about his artwork in this clip:

Kinsey is now based out of Los Angeles and Three Rivers, California.

As a reader you know that nothing impresses me more than artist with a high degree

of business savvy. Kinsey thought the advertising market had long since seen better days

and was long becoming to dependent on computers rather than human intuition for

great designs and original ideas. (sorry for the irregular spacing between sentences but this is my first mobile entry and its quite difficult for me!)

Kinsey attended the Art Institute of Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago.


Kinsey has also worked on advertising for the Absolut VODKA brand. Which brings us
to another artist that designed alcohol label and also had a fine painting career.
Ken Davies is a master painter of the still life and also painted fantastic marine works.

Davies designed the label for the well known bourbon brand Wild Turkey.

Here is a great example of Davies’ style of landscapes.


And his style of still life painting.


Another short interview with Dave Kinsey talking about his working methods and philosophy.

Price range: Most works are in acrylics and can reach as high as $15,000 . I have no idea what he charges for his well known advertising campaigns.

Kinsey in some manner is similar to Andy Warhol for the fact he is out to put his artistic stamp on everything possible. He also has pursued interests in music and environmental causes.

Other major clients besides DC Shoes are Blunt snowboard magazine, Droors, and Dub.

Here is his idea for a new Mountain Dew design.


Considers his big break through two ideas and or happenings. The first was designing the DC Shoe label. The next was putting his marketing and design team together with such modern day pop star icons like Shepard Fairey. This firm eventually received a contract to redesign the new Mountain Dew soft drink can.

Shepard Fairey is a world renown artist who works in a street artist style with works carrying political ideas and themes. Here is an example of Shepard Fairey artwork.



In his artistic statement Kinsey tells us he tries to portray to the viewer the basic universal human conditions. No wonder his company is held in such high regard, they are able to communicate this rather easily to their viewers.

Lets finish with a great statement of art and why I enjoy doing this blog. Not enough attention is paid to the good things in the world!

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. – PABLO PICASSO.

I think there the amount of creativity if advertising campaigns is just awful. I cannot stand the sight nor sound of Flo, the Progressive insurance lady, too repetitive for my tastes. All the company needs is a creative artist/genius to help them out!