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Artist of the moment…Julio Larraz…..

Julio Larraz is another well known artist that was born in Havana, Cuba in the year 1944. His father owned was the publisher of a newspaper. Larraz’s painting style is wonderful mix of realism and fantasy. I enjoy looking at his art as he is able to push color as  you would expect a Caribbean artist to do. By that I mean I learned as a painter that if I had a red rose, to grey down the red and only use straight from the tube red where I wanted the viewers eye to go. Larraz lives in where maximum color exists everywhere! From the brightly colored fruit in the trees to the flesh tones of the beach and bright pink and bright yellow houses!  Every artist should go to the Caribbean if no other reason than to experience life with an abundance of color everywhere.

A great clip here! Here we see the Larraz’s painting the Tropic of Cancer, go up for auction at Sotheby’s.

Quick selection of the artist’s wide variety of painting from figures and surrealistic works to still life paintings.

In 1961 his family left Cuba and came to the United States. The family lived in Miami, Washington D.C. and then New York city. Over little more than five years time he was able to study with such master painters (in modern times not when he studied with them) Burton Silverman, Aaron Shickler, and David Levine. Its easy to see some influences the artist had from David Levine who was a well known caricaturist working in pen and ink for the most part. Larraz became known as a caricaturist when he was beginning his artistic career.

Here is a wonderful example of David Levine’s caricature style, the celebrity in case you can’t tell, is film director Woody Allen.


Aaron Shikler is a well known artist best known for his portraits. From his paintings I can see that he influenced Larraz on using black, or very dark tones close to it in his works which give them a different feeling of space. Very quiet and still. Below is a great example of Shikler’s style.


Larraz is included in the Boca Raton Museum of Art.

Larraz began working as a full time artist in 1967.

First solo exhibition in the United States took place in Washington D.C. in 1971.

Another artist who has a similar style at least in perspective in that this artist paints many times from views right above the subject. I have blogged about him before and he makes wonderful still lifes, his name is Kenne Gregoire. Here is an example of his above the subject viewpoint. This painting of a nude in bed reminds me a great deal of the painting sold by Larraz at Sotheby’s titled Tropic of Cancer.


Price range information:  Larraz is an old school artisan craftsman well schooled in many mediums from oils ranging from $30,000 to $360,000.  Pastels range from $10,000 to $40,000.

Watercolors range from $6,000 to $25,000. Not enough sales to make a judgement on prices for sculpture works.

Larraz lives and works out of Miami, Florida.

I enjoy this artist for his bright color palette and strong contrasting darks. Also a great technique to include views from above. For some art homework try a view from straight above your subject!

Keep learning!