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Artist of the moment….Lyuba Titovets…


What a great clip here! Watch Lyuba Titovets painting!

A show given with the artist and her husband when they had been together 20 years.


Lyuba Titovets much like her husband, enjoys painting landscapes. She also loves to paint flowers. I enjoy her bold use of color and her compositional style. In many of her floral works she goes to a great deal of effort to portray different textures. For instance the softness and delicate feel of a flower petal, the grainy feeling and texture of wooden tables, and the feeling of atmosphere that surrounds her still lifes. Very interesting and unique design with great execution.  Titovets has indeed learned to paint her “voice.”

Lyuba has been a lifelong student of art beginning when she was only five years old taking drawing classes. At the age of seven years old she was chosen to participate in an elite artist program in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Titovets continued to study art and went on to earn both a bachelors and masters degree in fine arts  from the State College located in St. Petersburg.

It was here that she met her husband Aleksander, Titovets.

Titovets has taken part in many group and solo shows in Europe, Russia, and the United States. In addition she has displayed her works of art in such locales as Westminsters Abbey in London, England. In the United States she exhibited with the Oil Painters of America.

Came to the United States with her husband in 1992.

Both artists are included in the collections of the King and Queen of Spain. Lyuba is also collected by well known actress Sophia Loren.

The artistic family is based out of El Paso, Texas. The couple has two daughters. Both artists split the daily household chores and its Lyuba who takes charge of the children on most occasions. Aleksander will take care of packing and crating of paintings.

If you do a web search you will see that both artists are incorporated out of Texas and both enjoy working on building the business.

The enjoy living the life as an artist and both support each other if some struggles come about.

If you enjoy this painting couple be sure and check out the Ivanov family whose work has appeared on the cove of American Art Collector. The husband goes by Aleksey and his wife goes by Olga, the Ivanovs. You may see them in Denver at Abend Gallery. They have even been featured on the cover of American Art Collector. Below is an example of their mixed media work.


Lyuba works in oils and also acrylics.

Price range information: Oils range from $2,500 to $8,000. No price range for oils.

Oddly enough the two even paint together on different canvases.  Enjoying the same taste in painting genres and music and the arts. Both are huge fans of classical music and the opera.