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Artist of the moment….Aleksander Titovets…

Price range information: Titovets works in oils with prices ranging from $3,000 to $14,000.

Alexsander Titovets was born in Siberia, Russia in 1960. As a reader you know I love reading about art families from the Wyeths to more recent posts such as the Saar or Frost families, lets take a look at this well known family of Russian painters, the Titovets. This post will be only Aleksander and the next post will be his wife Lyubov. Both are representational painters working in an impressionist style.

For his artistic education Aleksander attended the Saint Petersburg University College of Fine Arts. For me I can usually recognize those artists of the Russian way of painting for their color palette. Much of the composition is the same as here in the United States, but in snow scenes and or other landscapes they enjoy painting with spectacular blues and sometimes a cobalt/ turqoise mixture that just makes their landscapes jump out. A mixture of warm and cool greys and then BAM!  an explosion of color that gives a wonderful sense of color and impressionism.

The artist came to the United States along with his wife in 1992.

In this clip we hear about the beginning of Aleksander’s art career in “El Paso, Texas.

In his artistic statement Titovets explains like all artists he paints what he knows. I realize this can be frustrating as an artist, but eventually you will come up with your own style and some subjects or patterns that you love to paint. Like Warhol with his soup cans or Robert Indiana with his LOVE series you just have to explore and fine an artist who inspires you. For most artists the still life is quite boring to paint. But once you find an artist that has mastered composition and who has worked with a subject for many years and the artist can design a great picture in their head, as a viewer you can tell they have mastered the subject.

Hilo Chen painting the beach. Howard Terpning painting the American West. Wayne Thiebaud painting the still life. After many many paintings you too will find your favorite color palette and genre to paint.

Titovets made many sketches when he lived in Russia before emigrating to the United States. He uses old sketches or works from memory when painting the magical works that show his native land.

Titovits has been in many presitigious exhibitions including with the Oil Painters of America. If you every have the chance to see a show from the Oil Painters of America make sure and attend. You can see artists such as Jeff Legg, David Leffel, and Daniel E. Greene. When you see masterworks like these its very inspirational!

Included in many prominent collections including the Kind and Queen of Spain.

Has been in several national art magazines including American Art Collector, Art of the West, and Southwest Art magazine.

Comparing him to another artist I chose Joaquin Sorolla. Sorolla was known for his use of very thick impasto paint. I see this in the paint quaility of Titovets as well, on many occasions the paints looks fresh and wet! Below is a fantastic beach scene my Sorolla titled ” Monte Ulia.”

sorolla_monte ulía

Titovets received a great commission for Mrs. Laura Bush to paint her portrait. Titovets is from the same area of Texas where the ex-President’s family live. Below is the painting of Mrs. Bush and it was done for the National Portrait Gallery. What wonderful greys the artist uses!


I enjoy reading about these great Russian Impressionist painters and love the texture their heavy impasto strokes leave on the canvas.

Happy painting!