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Artist of the moment….Judith Pond Kudlow….

Judith Pond Kudlow is a wonderful realist painter working mainly with the still life. Kudlow was born in Whitefish, Montana.

I found out about the artist as I watch financial television all day and she is married to a well known economist who has a political and money show on CNBC, his name is Lawrence “Larry”  Kudlow. For the readers whom are financial people I would like to give a shout out !!! Congrats!!! To Tom Keene of Bloomberg who has been broadcasting twenty years today!!! He will be ringing the closing bell on the New York Stock Exchange today.


I enjoy looking at her paintings of cloth the most. I first became aware of the artist after seeing some still life paintings she had made of Mr. Kudlow’s ties. The presentation and subject matter reminded me of the great Chilean master painter Claudio Bravo. Here is a wonderful example of Claudio Bravo and his paintings of fabric.


Kudlow has recently made a DVD talking about the sight size method and painting the still life. Below is a short excerpt from the program.

A link to the artist’s own website:

Kudlow attended the College of William and Mary. Kudlow also has studied at the Art Students League of New York, the National Academy of Art, and the School of Visual Arts.

Price range information: Kudlow works mainly with oils on linen. Most works are priced between $2,000 and $10,000.

Kudlow currently keeps a studio in East Harlem where she also has started her own atelier. The name of the atelier is the Harlem Studio of Art.  Kudlow and a well known  painter from Florence, Andrea Smith, started the school in New York city. Now the school has another location which is in Rome, Italy. Andrea Smith is in charge of this location.

Kudlow has appeared in several national art magazines such as American Art Collector and American Artist.

Another artist who is great at painting fabric is Janet Monafo. I have seen this artist’s work in person and was blown away by her brilliant painting of white cloth. She did a wonderful job using complimentary colors from the yellow and purple families and the fabric had a very reflective sheen in the painting. Below is an example of Monafo’s painting of fabric and cloth.


If you would like to improve your painting of cloth and fabric I would strongly suggest viewing Jane Jones and her program titled Painting Elegant Drapery. Jones is a well known artist that loves to work with flowers and fabric. She uses the same method of blending for both. I found this program to be a great investment and improved my skill tremendously. Below is click to her website. She now has 11 DVDs out on the market. For the old timers like myself I enjoy the DVDs but you can also download access to the program via sources like ArtClick.TV for different periods of time if you don’t want to purchase a hard copy. Her DVDs are for me the best value out there. Very reasonably priced.


Hope you are now inspired to try and paint some fabric and cloth!

Get those brushes moving!