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Artist of the moment……..Amleto Dalla Costa…..

Amleto Dalla Costa was born in 1929 in Milan, Italy.

His surrealistic vision of women remind me a few artists. The first is Alex Katz. Katz was the first American child born to a family immigrating from Russia. Similar to Dalla Costa, Katz paints the figure from a relatively close space, its as if the viewer is suffocating the subject by standing too close. Both artists also paint flat, rather than 3 dimensional figures.


Another artist that comes to mind for his use of Art Deco era patterns and styles would be Erte. A great example of his style is below. Erte’s given name was Romain de Tirtoff.


A link to the artist’s own personal website:

Price range info:  The artist has worked in mediums such as oils, acrylics, and prints. Each is available for less than one thousand dollars.

The artist currently resides and works out of  Milan, Italy.

Dalla Costa’s work with the female figure brings to mind a great deal of mystery. Often cloaked with dark colours and shapes the viewer seems to have caught the ladies by surprise!  Perhaps alarming them with our presence!  In addition to Katz, the artist also reminds me of Bev Doolittle, with his sense of design. One shape might become two female faces!  Dalla Costa a master at design as well as color.

Dalla Costa has participated in more than 200 exhibitions over his long career.