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Artist of the moment…..Dutch Artist Corneille….

Dutch artist Corneille was born  in the summer of 1922 in Belgium. If you do a “google” search for Corneille many artists will appear most of them French. The Dutch Corneille’s given name was Guillaume Cornelius Van Beverloo.

Below is a montage of works by the artist.

He moved with his family back to the Netherlands when he was twelve years old. Corneille studied art at the Academy of Art in Amsterdam.

The movements associated with the artist are the REFLEX and COBRA movements. Corneille even published poetry in a magazine that was published focused on the movement.

In some future posts I would like to write about artists who become collectors. These personality types are awesome to read about because you can learn about what inspires them and also what they look for in  great works of art. Some great collectors I know about are John Singer Sargent and Jeff Watts. I am sure many others have fascinating collections and I look forward to writing about them. Corneille was also an avid collector, but mainly of antique African artifacts.

Corneille relocated to Paris in the 1950s and lived in France the remainder of his life.

The artist visited Israel many times. He died in Auver-sur-Oise, France in 2010. The artist was 88 years old.

Price range information: The artist has done many lithographs and silkscreens. Lithographs can be between $100 to $3,500.  Gouache works can be found between $10,000 to $25,000. He has also done occasional works in terracotta and resin but not enough exist to make a consistent price schedule.

If you are visiting Paris find works by the artist located in the Centre Georges Pompidou.

I so enjoy looking at works from an unusual perspective and Corneille does this with his bird’s eye paintings of the landscape. I enjoy looking at the world through a worm’s eye  view or bird’s eye view, something out of the norm.

Outside of his brothers of trade that formed the REFLEX and COBRA movements I liken the artist’s work to that of French painter Bernard Buffet. Buffet was a highly productive artist that was collected worldwide. Towards the end of his life he developed Parkinson’s disease. He was no longer able to paint and suffocated himself to death as a result. Both Buffet and Corneille used flat shapes never blending edges. Both artists also had bright and vivid color palettes. Both drew with very simple shapes that you would associate with an intermediate artist concerned with shape but not dimensionality.



When I think of Corneille it brings to my mind an artist with a whimsical style who remained as expressive as a child at play with crayons, throughout his entire artistic career. Here was an artist that really enjoyed the creative side of making art.