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Artist of the moment…Chantal Joffe…

Chantal Joffe was born in St. Albans, Vermont  in the year 1969. She has garnered critical acclaim for her very large paintings of portraits of women.

A show from 2009.

A great clip here!  This is from a show given for the artist in 2012.

I enjoy looking at the “realness” of the artist’s figure work. In this manner of painting people exactly as they are without painting a pretty picture Joffe reminds me a great deal of the master Lucian Freud. Freud was Sigmund Freud’s grandson but was also an exquisite painter who passed away in 2011. He enjoyed depicting people in unusual positions and not at all flattering, but very real. Freud painted with hogshair bristle brushes and he painted very emotional figures similar to Joffe. Below is Lucian Freud’s painting of Queen Elizabeth. To me the portrait hasn’t been painted to ensure a sale, but a very truthful and honest painting of a person. I wonder if most artists would make such a crude depiction Her Majesty!  Freud flattered no one when he painted.


Another artist that came to mind when watching the video clip, Mary Cassatt.  Cassatt and Joffe both enjoy painting women and children.  Both artists did a wonderful job showing the caring and connection between the mother and child figures. Below is a wonderful example of Mary Cassatt’s style.


Price range information: Chantal Joffe has worked in watercolor, acrylics, and oils. I couldn’t find enough consistent sales to generate price range info for watercolors and acrylics. Oil prices range from $5,000 to $68,000.

Joffe comes from a very creative family!  Her mother is also a contemporary artist and her brother is a well known artist and novelist. When he paints he mainly paints the female figure and enjoys designing the fashion the models wear. Below is an example of Jasper Joffe’s work.


Joffe studied art from a young age in England. She finished studies at the Camberwell College of Arts. She then attended the Glasgow School of Art for her collegiate studies earning a bachelors degree in fine art. For her master’s degree she went to the Royal College of Art.

The artist paints very large in scale, sometimes having sides ten feet long.

She has been part of group exhibitions world wide in London, Paris, Venice, Milan, and New York.

In 2002 she participated in a  show with her mother and brother. The show was titled THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL.

Chantal Joffe now lives and works out of London.

I love to see these very artistic families and was very impressed to see a show with all three artists included. Since I imagine each provides some sort of inspiration for the other its also interesting that all enjoy painting the female figure with an emphasis on fashion design.