Artist of the moment…British Pop Star painter Allen Jones…..

Allen Jones is known for being a pop artist who enjoys working with the female form in both paintings and sculptures. Allen Jones was born in Southampton, England in the year 1937. The city is located in the south of England around 75 miles from London.

In this clip see and hear the artist talk about a sculpture project titled Temple. He talks about size and scale of his work and also movement and color.

For his collegiate studies Jones attended the Hornsey School of the Arts located in London.

From 1961 to 1963 Allen Jones was part of the teaching faculty at Croyden College of London, a school specializing in education of the arts.

Allen Jones has a very unique niche in the art world, he is one of few artists dealing with forniphilia. This is when a piece of furniture morphs into a human body. Jones often does this with his female forms.

Jones was elected to the Royal Academy in 1986.

Here is a link to a show celebrating the artist’s 75 birthday in 2012. The show runs until December 22 at Galerie Fluegel Roncak in Germany:

Price range info: The artist has worked in many mediums and his highest selling medium is oils. They range in price from $375,000 to $20,000. He has produced a great deal of lithographs that range from $500 to $2,000. Silkscreens go from $500 to $2,000. Non public sized bronzes can be found from $5,000 to $50,000.

An awesome clip to watch! See a show dealing with the artist’s figure work at Ludlow Castle in 2009.

The artist reminds me of Tom Wesselmann. Wesselmann worked with the female figure in a very abstract and real manner. Wesselmann many times used the female silhouette and lines, then added very bright colors and areas he hoped to exaggerate. This would be the breasts and nipples. Below is a great example of Wesselmann’s figure work. The piece is painted on metal.


Another artist that comes to mind when looking at Allen Jones style is Julian Opie. Opie is a very modern artist who incorporates many mediums into his depictions of the female figure. Julian Opie has done series that include female pole dancers.  Below is a clip featuring some works done Julian Opie with the subject being pole dancers.

Allen Jones, Julian Opie, and Tom Wesselmann all have made wonderful careers out of working with the female form. Its just as exciting for me to look at these new and modern styles of figure work, with the emphasis of lines and brief explosions of color, as it is to see a fundamentalist type of work that concentrates on the flesh such as a Robert Liberace or Peter Paul Ruebens. I also love the fact the modern artist experiment with new materials such as Allen Jones working with steel and Julian Opie incorporating digital ideas into his art.


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