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Artist of the moment….Alan Wolfson….

Alan Wolfson is known for his mixed media art that recalls the fronts of classic Americana buildings.  Wolfson was born in Brooklyn, New York in the year 1948.

For his collegiate education the artist attended Humboldt State University in California.

In this clip view one of the artist miniatures as it appears in a gallery setting. The graffiti is amazingly lifelike!

Here is a great clip indeed. An interview with the artist and hostess Molly Barnes. It is nearly one half hour in length.

A short interview with the artist that is nearly three and one half minutes long.

Among his most well known works include a sculpture about the famous New York deli Katz’s.  The deli was established in 1888.  Wolfson was commissioned to do the piece from a private collector. The collector had grown up in the area and wanted something to remember the area by. The collector ate at the deli as a child and therefore commissioned the piece.

Wolfson doesn’t insert miniature people in his sculptures, but includes signs showing that people were there. Wolfson worked around this by doing his scene right after the restaurant has closed for the day. To make the deli seem as if the work was from the 70s or 80s Wolfson included rock star posters from the time period.

A link to the artist’s website-  Here you can see some examples of the Katz’s Deli sculpture:

Wolfson has worked in a variety of mediums ranging from oils to lithographs, both can be found for less than one thousand dollars. Sculptures fall between $5,000 to $10,000.

I enjoy this artist for his ability to make 3 dimensional art. As a youngster I spent many hours putting together model kits for my Lionel train, its great to see someone enjoying themselves so much through their artwork.