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HAPPY THANKSGIVING….Artist of the moment….Abstract artist William Perehudoff…

William Perehudoff comes from Canada. Perehudoff is best known for his abstract paintings.

In the gallery all works by William Perehudoff except the last two. The second from bottom was painted by the artist’s wife Dorothy Knowles. The last one is by famed Op Art master Victor Vasarely.

Below is a clip from a gallery show featuring some of William Perehudoffs paintings from the 1980s.

William Perehudoff was born in Langham, Saskatchewan in Canada in the year 1919.

Perehudoff quit organized education and school after the fourth grade. He did however continue to study art with great artists. Perehudoff was able to study at the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center with reknown French painter Jean Chariot. He also took workshops with master painters and was able to meet Greenberg was the most influential of all the artist’s mentors and showed him the path to his version of abstraction.

Clement Greenberg was not a painter, but a famous art critic. Greenberg is given credit for making Jackson Pollack a star in the art world. Critics yielded a great deal of power and influence in the 40s, 50, and 60s.

Perehudoff has also worked was a mural painter for a period of time. The artist lists Diego Rivera as a major influence on his art.

Perehudoff is married to an artist specializing in the landscape. Her name is Dorothy Knowles and below is one of  her paintings.

William Perehudoff is still alive but his health was so bad he quit painting in 2001.

Price range info:  Perehudoff worked in many mediums including silk screen, oils, acrylics, and gouache. Silkscreens can be found from $350 to $1000. Gouache works are found from $1100 to $4500. Acrylics can be found from $5,000 to $20,000.

If I were to compare his work to another artist it would be the French / Hungarian artist Victor Vasarely. Along with the British painter Bridget Riley these two artist brought the world of optical illusions and movement of flat shapes to the art world.  Below is a great sample of a work done by Vasarely.

The artist is included in many museum collections including the National Gallery of Canada and the Montreal Musuem of Art. Perehudoff also received the second highest award available to a civilian. He became a member of the Order of Canada. In its history less than six thousand people have received the award. It goes to doctors, scientists, artists, anyone who improves society.

In a great story from 2009 a very large mural painted by the artist was saved and removed from a building that was to be condemned. A retiree who was a conservator was put in charge to remove the paint from the building. The painting is estimated to be worth one quarter million dollars. The murals are now in storage until a newer gallery is made.

I enjoy looking at organized abstraction far more than abstract expressionist paintings. The viewer can tell Perehudoff has an excellent feel for color and design. For the abstract painters no one combined color with shape quite like the artist who is still alive at 93 years of age.

Try an abstract painting today.