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Artist of the moment…..Ken Auster….


In the gallery all painting by Ken Auster save the last one painted by Francis Livingston.


Ken Auster is known for his wonderful plein air works.

A link to the artist’s own website:

Here the artist talks about a book and paintings he made of San Francisco over fifteen years.

If you love this artist’s work please check out the cityscape paintings of Francis Livingston. Livingston has a similar palette of soft and bright colors with complimentary colors used in the shadows. Below is an example of a Francis Livingston painting of a city. Lately Livingston has switched from painting the city to painting western scenes, but I still prefer his urban and cityscapes to his new genre of works.

Ken Auster was born and raised in California. He grew up enjoying the surfing paradise of his locale. Auster formed his own t shirt company whilst in college and his silkscreened t shirts were among the hottest items in the beach culture. He was the “Rembrandt” of the beach scene. Realize in this time before the internet and large retailing shops that many shirts were made by hand using silkscreened or airbrushed method. Auster was able to make tremendous profits in this fun cottage industry at the time.

In the 1990s Ken Auster began to paint in oils and refine his skills to become a fine artist. He broke away from his pattern of developing a great design that would look great on t shirts and easily reproduced with the silkscreen method, to painting scenes in oils and working entirely from life in the process. He began painting urban scenes that before didn’t tempt him at all to paint. He developed his color palette to reflect what he felt in the city.

The artist has been in many fine art publications including the cover issue of Plein Air magazine in . Auster has also appeared in Soutwest Art and Art and Antiques.

price range info: Most works are plein air works and can be found from $500 to $2000.

I enjoy this artist for his ability to come from painting t shirts, to become a fine artist. It reminded me Andy Warhol. A great artist to begin with. Follow this with his dedication to building a successfor commercial art enterprise. Warhol was known for his wonderful advertising and design skill, Ken Auster was designing wearable art for his surfing fans. Warhol became the highest sought after contemporary fine artist. Auster has already won many awards for his plein air work and with his dedication to self improvement the best is yet to come!

Try a cityscape painting today!