Artist of the moment….Wassily Kandinsky….

Wassily Kandinsky was one of the most celebrated artists to come from Russia during the early 1900s. Kandinsky was born in Moscow, Russia in the year 1866. He is the first artist given credit for creating works that were entirely abstract. Kandinsky did a fair amount of landscapes as well, but is considered by many art historians to be the first creator of abstractions.

Price range info: Kandinsky worked in many mediums. The cheapest works are lithographs and woodcuts which start at a couple of hundred dollars all the way up to $25,000. Oil painting record is $ 8.93  million. Most watercolors are going for  few hundred thousand dollars to $1.89 million.

A great clip here! Watch Kandinsky work on a drawing.

In this montage see some excellent Kandinsky landscapes as well as his standard abstract expression paintings.

For his art education he attended the University of Moscow where he studied law and economics. He didn’t really start to work on painting and drawing until the age of thirty. In 1896 Kandinsky moved to Munich, Germany.  Kandinsky studied under Anton  Azbe. Azbe went on to teach many Russian Impressionist artists.

Kandinsky started out painting landscapes packed with emotion. He wasn’t accepted to art school right away and before going to study, Kandinsky saw an exhibition by Claude Monet. Kandinsky was taken with Monet’s painting of haystacks. He loved the way the artist painted the haystack without being stuck to the idea of painting an object. The haystacks were reduced to simple fields of color.

The most significant artwork produced by Kandinsky during this time probably was the Blue Rider made in 1903. A  horse rider that is blue, casts a blue shadow. Its a nod to the viewer of the path the artist is taking. A landscape was compared to music by Kandinsky. His works during this expressionistic stae were sometimes quite large. He travelled through much of Europe during this stage. A painting showing much more abstraction from this era is called Blue Mountain. There isn’t a dominant color. The artist isn’t trying to create depth on the picture plane, he relied on flat surfaces and painted each color without regard to what was next to it.

Moved back to Russia after beginning of the first world war. Kandinsky didn’t like the theories of art given by his government so in 1921 he moved to Germany. He was a professor at an art school that was eventually closed by the Nazis in 1933. The Bauhaus School was where the artist was able to teach his theories and develop his idea of abtract art that was frowned upon in his native Russia.

Kandinsky then relocated to France becoming a French citizen in 1939. He combined all of his knowledge and made some wonderful paintings with fun geometric and organic shapes set against a black background.

Wassily Kandinsky died in 1944 at the age of 77.
Kandinsky is thought to be the founder of abstraction. I would compare most of his works to the abstract works of the watercolorist John Salminem.  Salminem is known for his paintings of urban street scenes, but also has a wonderful DVD out on painting organized abstract art. You have abstract art like Jackson Pollack, that is very loose and free flowing. Then you have abstract art like Kandinsky, abstract but organized. Kandinsky’s work also reminds me of Rex Ray’s works.

Create an abstract work today!


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