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Artist of the moment….Philip Pearlstein….

Philip Perlstein was born in 1924 in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was a close friend of my favorite artist of all time, Andy Warhol.

For his education the artist went to the Carnigie Institute of Technology. He earned a masters degree in art history from New York University.

How he met Warhol was that both were from Pittsburgh and moved to Manhattan. The two leased an apartment that was infested with roaches and the normal bachelor pad sqaulor!

As was the fad, Pearlstein experimented with painted abstract landscapes in the 1950s. In the late fifties he started working with the figure, attending weekly classes. He then progressed to painting nude couples and loved it! He found that he wanted to be a realist painter.

Many critics said his style was realistic in the fact he didn’t idealize any body parts or paint the person prettier than they appeared. Some critics say they think of his painting as “pure.”  For me the purest painter, the artist who didn’t “beautify” anybody was Lucien Freud. The great British painter who worked with hogs hair brushes and very thick juicy paint similar. Below is a picture of Freud, I think he drew and painted the body purer than anyone. And from very different angles than we usually see people.

A clip showing  an interview with the artist.

A great selection of figure works of the artist.

I enjoy looking at his sculpture like drawings and paintings of body parts. A painting or drawing of just legs or hands.

More than sixty museums own works by the artist. The Art Institute of Chicago, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Whitney Museum of Art, and the Musuem of Modern art are just a few of the museums owning a Pearlstein.

Member and Past President of the American Society of Arts and Letters. This is a 250 person society that supports and encourages artists of all types. From poets, to books, to painters the group was made to help artists along their path.

Price range info:  Lithographs are the most affordable product by the artist available from less than one thousand to five thousand dollars. Many etchings can be found for a few hundred dollars. An original oil is between $15,000 to $110,000. Many watercolors between $10,000 and $40,000.

I enjoy looking at Pearlstein’s figure work. It seems very easy and flowing. Not saying too much or too little about the subject. I think its very neat that he shared some apartments with Andy Warhol!

Keep painting!