Artist of the moment….James Pyman….

In the gallery please notice the last image with James Pyman standing in front of the building. Well this was a great commission for the artist. An old mill was going to be restored. The artist drew it lifesize and it was made into reproduction and is now covering the building whilst the renovation takes place.

In case you didn’t know, its the birthday of the creator of Dracula, Bram Stoker. Stoker was born on this day in 1847. He published Dracula when he was fifty years old. He was also personal assistant to the actor Henry Irving. Irving owned the Lyceum Theater in London. Irving was the first great actor of his time and the first awarded knighthood by the state.

In celebration of the man I thought we could take a look at an artist who did series titled “The Dracula Drawings.”  The artist’s name is James Pyman. Pyman took the words from the Stoker’s Dracula and illustrated certain points.

Pyman is British and was born in the year 1962 in Eastbourne.  Currently lives and works out of London. For his artistic education Pyman attended the Sheffield City Polytechnic.

The artist has had a book published in the United Kingdom featuring his works.

Pyman reminds me most of the United Kingdom artist Stephen Wiltshire. He is autistic and sometimes is flown up above the city in a helicopter. He is then brought back to earth where he draws what he remembers. In this clip see his paper set up in a circle for panoramic drawing. He is working on a drawing of Tokyo from his memory, just his photographic mind was used!

Happy Birthday Dracula!


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