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Artist of the moment…..Xue Mo

First of all a happy birthday shout out to Bob Ross who would be seventy years old if he were still alive. Please go to google’s homepage and you can see their tribute to the popular television painting host. Ross built a very solid business that continues to this day. His show is still broadcast on PBS and he also has his own line of painting supplies and certified Bob Ross painters. He inspired many budding artists and despite having a tough battle with cancer still produced his television show until the last year of life. He passed away in 1995. Below is picture of Bob Ross and his famous hairdo!

In the picture gallery all paintings except the last were painted by Xue Mo, the last painting of cloth is by Claudio Bravo.

The artist comes from Mongolia. She was born in Inner China/ Mongolia in the year 1966. Xue Mo is known for her portraits and the artist is also very skilled at painting cloth and fabric. For her artistic education the artist attended Meitan Normal College. After earning her degree she became part of the art faculty and worked at the university for five years.

As you can tell by her western style painting technique, the artist is a big fan of the renaissance era. Some of her favorite painters that he lists are Piero Della Francesca, Paolo Uccello, Hieronymus Bosch, Bruegel the Elder, and Pisanello. She enjoys painting his portraits using her beloved Mongolia for a background. Her style is quite similar to the portraits of the renaissance era, showing people presiding over the land that they owned and presided over.

Her artistic philosophy is the same as Giorgio Morandi. I blogged about Morandi not long ago, a wonderful painter of the still life. He found beauty in everyday items like glasses and cups. Morandi said , ” I believe more in art for art’s sake than I do in religion, social justice, or national glory.”

On line and land based gallery:  Tao Water Galleries located on the east coast just outside of Cape Cod and also in Provincetown, MA.

Diane Farris Gallery located in Vancouver, British Columbia.


The artist has had shows in Europe, Asia, Australia, United States, and Canada.

Below is a short clip showing Xue Mo and her main subject matter, portraits of women.

Xue Mo reminds me of the master artist from Chile, Claudio Bravo. Both were very skilled at painting cloths and fabrics. Below is a great painting by Claudio Bravo, he was a master at painting cloth as well as glass.

price ranges info: The artist usually works with oils on linen. Price range is $2,500 to $15,000.

Xue Mo moved with her husband from Beijing, China to Canada in 2011.


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