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Artist of the moment….African Artist Mbongeni Buthelezi

A clip of some of the artist’s work.

Here is the link to the artist’s own website:

Mbongeni Buthelezi was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in the year 1956. He is best known for painting the face and figure with little pieces of plastic. His work has a real contemporary feel because its made from contemporary materials, PLASTICS!
The artist studied at the African Institute of Art in Johannesburg. He also studied at the University of Witwatersand.

Everyone of his works of art is made up of thousands of very small pieces of plastic that are cut up and then glued to a canvas.  The artist is able to paint faces with plastic by using a heat gun to control the dollups of plastic color he has on his canvas.He always uses “waste” plastics. By using recycled materials he wants the viewer to take notice of how much waste is made everyday in the world.

Buthelezi hopes to communicate hope and meditation thru his artwork. I really enjoy this artist’s positive outlook on life. He hopes to provide inspiration to others. He is convinced that if people hear his story and view his paintings that they too will see anything can happen in South Africa. You just have to be diligent and never give up trying. He loves to tell people his story and how he made a career seemingly out of nothing.

He has worked many years at developing his technique and has eighteen different variation he uses to achieve different textures and ideas.

The artist has shown in New York and Germany.

On line and land based gallery: Seippel Gallery located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Buthelezi currently lives and works out of Johannesburg.

I couldn’t find any price range information.

I love the recycled materials genre of art. So many possibilities and ideas one can use. For some artists that work with recycled materials try checking out Geoffrey Gorman. One of my favorite sculptors that makes animals from trees and wires. Another artist is Vik Muniz. Sometimes the artist uses chocolate instead of a pencil in his drawing. Below is a picture by Vik Muniz. It is was made using a very large wire.

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