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Artist of the moment….Liza Lou

The artist is known for her sculptures of toilet paper. She also is one of few artists working on flat surfaces with glass beads. It gives her work an outstanding sense of depth. Even something boring such as top of a prison security fence, is seen as an outstanding collection of shapes in the artist’s signature glass bead style.

Liza Lou was born in New York in 1969.

Here she talks briefly about her desire to become an artist since she was very young.

This is a great clip to watch! A quick glimpse of how a viewer looks at her work from afar, then when walking closer the image starts to really shine and sparkle. What the viewer might think is just an ordinary fence, is in reality an awesome work of art that I wouldn’t mind to be imprisoned in (for say one hour or so!) Made with aluminum and glass beads.

As you can see from the gallery example, Lou has done portraits of forty two presidents of the United States.

Liza Lou is a huge admirer of the Pop Art Star Andy Warhol, she started working in what is now her signature glass bead style in 1989.
Lou liked the idea of Pop Art. That seen in this wonderful style even something as mundane as a fire hydrant, could be alive and bursting with color.

The artist attending the San Fransisco Academy of Art.

The artist lives and works out of Los Angeles,  California as well as South Africa.

Liza Lou gained critical for a work done in 1995 titled “Kitchen.” It was 168 square foot replica of a kitchen covered entirely in beads.

A link to the artist’s website: See her many installations here as well!

Lou has worked in many mediums such as glass beads, glass, aluminum, resin, wood, plaster, and enamel.

Various works starting at $5,000 up to $337,000 for a work done in resin. The work is very time consuming so the artist works with many assistants on her larger works.
I had never seen art portrayed in this style, glass beads. I love the idea because its so contemporary. Glass beads are one of the hottest items in crafting right now, and similar to the way Pop art could bring boring items to life, her method can also make boring items such as a kitchen dazzle and sparkle the eye. And the fact that many works are in three dimensions gives the viewer an added sense of depth and gives the artist more opportunities to use her fantastic color combinations.

I think its great that some artists continue to work in Pop Art style. Very interesting that she has chosen to recreate everyday objects in her style such as a roll of bathroom toilet paper or a bag of Ruffle’s brand potato chips done with polyester, resin, and of course glass beads. I loved the results and look forward to seeing some flowers or perhaps a car done in this remarkable style.