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Artist of the moment……..Cai Zhisong….

This artist hails from China and is reknown for his work with the figure. He was born in Shenyang, China in 1972.

For his education the artist attended the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts earning a bachelors and masters degree.  After graduating from the university he was employed  for a decade.

Some sculptures of the artist here.


Although the artist has made a few prints, he enjoys working with sculpture materials such as glass, bronze, lead, and fiberglass.

high price range: A work done in glass was sold for $116,000.

low price range: Works done in lead can be found starting around $6,000. Prints can be found in the $2,000 to $4,000 range.


A link to the artist’s own website:

The artist is part of museum collections in China, the United States, Indonesia, Germany, Greece, and Singapore.


I enjoy this artist as his figures have a strong structural appeal. The viewer gets the feeling each work was done from life. Zhisong is a fan of the terra cotta warriors sculptred in the Qin and Han Dynasties. Its great to see the connection to the past that the artist brings to the table. Connections from the past with the sculpture, but he uses very modern materials such as fiberglass. Awesome!

The artist also has done a sculpture series working with clouds. This was the name of the piece that won acclaim at the Venice Biennale in 2011. The clouds actually rise and fall according to the surrounding weather and temperature conditions. The artist is very innovative and the viewers can walk in between the clouds as they moving up and down. A sculpture with made with much movement and life.


Zhisong has also done a series titled “Motherland,” which deals with the artist’s home country of China. He enjoys showing the world that by embracing the new technologies and with the globalization of the world, one loses a sense and pride of the things of the past of a certain culture.  For this series the artist used models that represented warriors and fighters. Instead of using terra cotta, something from the past, the artist uses glass and sometimes very thin metal. An object that has been made for thousands of years, the terra cotta soldier( these were used and placed with royalty so they would be protected in the afterlife), has been remade and given new life.  And you would think such a piece would be very heavy, but due to the fact he uses modern materials, they are indeed very light.


I enjoy this artist for his reference to the past in his artwork. And the theme of the Chinese Warrior is a classic, nice to see in something different than a work done in terra cotta or marble. The artist is very innovative and look for bright things to come from this artist who will only turn forty this year.



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