Artist of the moment…Salvador Dali…

The artist is one of the most famous people in the art world. Known for his unique personality and his great mustache!

A clip from the 1950s show “Whats My Line” with Dali in the hot seat!

More works of the artist. You can see his magical realism, Superrealism if you must here.

Salvador Dali the cartoonist here! A great collaboration in 1946 with Walt Disney Studios and Salvador Dali. Five well known Dali backgrounds are used. The story is about love lost and recovered. Many awesome Surrealistic scenes are brought to life. Very interesting. Remember, this is 1946 before animation like “Hotel Transylvania” was even a thought.

Another great clip here! This man loved to surround himself with art, even his house. This was his house in Cadaques, Spain.

Dali was born in 1904 in the city of Figueres, Spain. Dali’s father was a lawyer and it was his mother who encouarged him to draw and paint.  He was a master artist and worked in many mediums over his long life. He was an excellent draftsman when it came to rendering scenes that used a mixture of reality and imagination.  To me he is the epitome of Surrealistic Painting. For his college education Dali attended school in Madrida the San Fernando Fine Arts School.


Most famous work is probably the Persistence of Memory. Pictured below. You can see one theme in his works, Dali loved to document the passage of time. In many works we see clocks that seem to have grown long, tired, and worn out.  Though the paintings are great, his sculptures of clock have so much form bending it amazes the mind, but still looks like a clock.


A list of the mediums used by the artist watercolor, drawings, etchings, oils, scultpure, film, photography, lithograph, drypoint, and heliograph.

Low price range: Lithographs can be found for one hundred dollars. Posters and prints available for less than one hundred dollars. I would get a provenance just to make sure you were buying something that wasn’t a fake.

High price range: In 2011 a work titled “Portrait du Paul Eluad, ” was sold for 15.935 million euros, at todays exchange rates more than 20 million dollars.

Dali was very eccentric and was involved in unusual behavior.

Mother died when Dali was sixteen. She died from breast cancer and it was quite a shock to the artist. Dali’s father married his deceased wife’s sister and it was okay with Salvador as she was a great person as well.


This artist was one of two chief writers of this movie shot in  1928.


With so much of Dali’s work you must see it to believe it like his Disney production or even his house.

Get out and create!


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