Artist of the moment……..Indian printmaker Jogen Chowdhury…..

The artist was born in Dahapara Village, Faridpur, Bangledesh in 1939.

The artist’s father was a zamindar. This means his father owned a bunch of land. This time of land ownership system is similar to that of the fief. The owner of the land held tremendous sway over those that lived on it. A peasant and a master plain and simple.

Both parents enjoyed creating art. His father painted and also made sculptures of hindu coins. His mother had superb drawing skills.

Below is a great clip showing some great serigraph prints from a show given in Mumbai, India. The artist is interviewed and tells us his feelings on printmaking.

Many artists make a tremendous amount of money from their prints. I think printmaking is a great way to introduce more people to your art as well. If you have a moment please google Greenwich Workshop. Here you can find high quality prints by top level artists such as my favorite Howard Terpning and Bev Doolittle.

Has spent much of his life living abroad. He lived in Calcutta India, Paris, and London. For his art education Chowdhury attended the Government Collge of Art and Crafts located in Kolkata, India. He also took some studio classes also in Kalkata.

In 1966 he won a prestigious award for young painters.

In 1970 joined the Calcutta Painters Group. Also in this year he had a book of his own personal poems printed. It brought large publicity to the arist, his A HA moment as Oprah would say.

Very prolific as an artist and has worked in many mediums. Chowdhury has used ink, pastel, oil, serigraph, gouache, and watercolor.

High priced range: Ink works titled “Day Dreaming” sold for $682,000. $15,000 for a pastel. Charcoals end up around $20,000.

Low priced range: Pastels start around $6,500. Inks can be had starting at $10,000. Charcoals start around $10,000.

The artist currently lives and works out of Santiniketan. He is one of the main artists in India whom all the younger artists hope to emulate. As far as mastering the business side of art and the teaching side of art, Chowdhury has few peers that match his consistent intensity toward self improvement when it comes to expressing ideas through drawing and painting.

In India he is most known for his paintings done solely with ink or in a combination with watercolour. His goal of expression is by using the figure. He sometimes distorts figures in order to make his point more clearly. As an artist who loves caricature, this is the best part of his oeuvre.  Similar artists who had a somewhat similar style and where born relatively close would be Jack or David Levine. Both were masters at distorted the face to give a certain appeal.

Think about a printmaking class or technique you might like to try.

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