Artist of the moment……..Isaac Snowman….

The artist hails from the London, England and was born in 1874.

For his education he attended the City of London School.  Snowman went on the Royal Academy of Art. For his subject matter, he painted the figure and portraits and loved to paint themes having to do with Judaism. The artist was able to paint awesome flesh tones. Especiallly intriguing are the scenes of women under trees. The artist was great at dappling the sun over the women.

In 1897 the artist formed a group with English jews called Maccabean.  The group travelled to Palestine.

In 1898, the artist got married at the North London Synagogue. The marriage lasted only a few years. Snowman thought his wife should do whatever he asked with no questions asked. The couple had a son that died as an infant and they adopted a girl. In 1907, when the artist headed to Africa to paint a portrait of the King of Dahomey, his wife filed for divorce claiming adultery.

Snowman eventually moved to Jerusalem and had a studio over the Damascus gate.

In 1921, Jerusalem had some riots. The artist tried to get through the mob with some friends and ended up getting stabbed.

With World War II starting up the artist ended up staying in England whilst on a visit. He was also in poor health.

Isaac Snowman died in 1947.

Has some paintings of royalty in the National Portrait Gallery of the United Kingdom.

High price range:  Oil painting titled “A Summer Afternoon in the Garden,” sold for $72,000.

Low price range:   Two oils sold in 2011 for less than one thousand U.S. dollars.

I enjoy this artist and believe he was a true master of art because he was excellent at using color, making compositions, and making the subjects highly engaged with each other on the canvas. When I see his mother and child paintings it reminds me of Mary Cassatt. Somtimes the playfullness and happiness of the characters is similar to Frans Hals. Hals was the best painter of smiles in the art world. His smiles were even more incredible when you consider he wasn’t working from a photograph, he was painting a smiles WITH TEETH totally from life.  I find the same liveliness in Hals work that I find in Snowmans.

My favorite painting of his is the woman sitting under a tree. The lighting and edge quality of this painting is fantastic.

This artist is certainly one of the best painters to have other come from United Kingdom and other than J.M.W. Turner the artist I would most like to see.


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