Artist of the moment…..Anthony Klitz…..

The artist is my favorite for when it comes to capturing the essence of a city. He specialized in painting London, England. Its quite refreshing to see an Impressionistic style rather than the photorealism that seems to dominate the London landscape scene.

The artist was born in 1917 in Southport. He attended Cheltenham Art College for art and was also interested in architecture.

He worked mainly with oils on canvas and was very prolific as an artist.

For his Impressionistic style I found it interesting that he relied on very little colour, he used a very muted palette.  The residents of London say their city has a very particular pearl like lighting, which is captured perfectly by Klitz.

When it comes to landscapes and galleries or musuems, I find that people are most drawn to what they see or think they can see from across the room. The best aspect of Edward Hoppers work is that you can tell what the subject matter is from clear across the room. With this artist’s work I can tell from looking at the thumbnail what the subject matter is, for example Piccadily Circus. It easy for the image to connect to the viewer.

Other artists who work in a similar manner sometimes using only black and white in making their landscapes would be Robert Kipniss and Steve  Graber.

The artist took part in World War II. He served from 1939 to 1945. After the war he came to London in 1950.  The artist came to study under Australian artist Hayward Veal, it was during this time when he developed his own style of landscape painting.

Of all the landscapes I have seen of London the works by Anthony Klitz impress the most as they leave so much up to the viewer. He is the perfect balance of not saying too much, but rather just making a simple artistic statement.

Low price range:  Many oils available from a few hundred dollars.

High price range: Larger sized landscapes for $4,000.

The artist passed away in 2000 while in Dublin.


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  1. I have over 50 paintings by Tony featured in my Rochester Michigan art gallery……

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