Artist of the moment…..Alec Monopoly……


The artist is a street artist who uses many different mediums in order to express his cultural views.

The artist works for the most part with acrylics on canvas. Very large works as well with many having sides longer than forty inches.

Is it art, or vandalism? The arist has had encounters with the law.  The artist would never put his work on the side of  a Starbucks or contemporary restaurant. He avoids anything belonging to state or federal governments. He also avoids mailboxes.  Monopoly prefers abandoned buildings.

The main goal for his art, that everyone understands the statement. Very nice!

Some other artists that influence him are Banksy and Mr. Brainwash.

The artist became known for using the Monopoly Man after first using the convicted wall street money man Bernie Madoff. He used Madoffs face and surrounded him with Monopoly  money, then he thought why not just use the Monopoly Man.

A great clip showing the artist, or at least his silhouette talking, about his first show in New York City. I am very thankful that Swoon let herself become famous as an artist. Some street artists we might never get to know such as Banksy and Monopoly Man.  I love the street artists who are now fine artists such as Swoon, Banksy, or Richard Hambleton.

Watch some street art being made in this clip. A great bio on the artist.

Another short clip showing the artist at work.

Link to the artist’s homepage:     He has a special right now. One print of a Bob Marley screenprint that is hand colored is available for $350.

Monopoly has worked in a variety of surfaces but seems to prefer acrylics on canvas or newspaper. Many times the works are sealed with a resin. He has also painted on surfaces such as an old door.

Price range:  Most originals go for 5,ooo to 10,000 U.S. dollars. From time to time he does print editions available for a few hundred dollars.

Monopoly lives and works out of Los Angeles, California. Spent childhood in New York City.

Won a great commission last year. He got to create a work for Paramount pictures new company, Insurge. He was commissioned to create the logo for the company.

The artist is very productive and creative. I hope before they pass on we get to know artists like Banksy and Monopoly personally.


I enjoy this artist because he continues to produce art, even though he could be arrested. It must be quite a rush to start a piece knowing that you may not get to finish it!

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