Artist of the moment….Harold Clayton….


Probably my favorite British artist when it comes to painting wonderful floral works.

The artist was born in 1896 in London, England.

A new word to add your vocabulary list “plinth.” In architecture it is a base or platform on which an object rests. The artist is perhaps best known for his fantastic floral works set atop stone plinths.

What amazed me about the works by Clayton is how lively the flowers seem compared to the cool and smooth colors of the stone. I also enjoy his muted shadows, many times in still lifes you have extreme areas of light and dark light you might see in a Rembrandt, Sherrie McGraw, or David Leiffel work. Its great to see an approach that seeks out color over greys rather than light over dark. A fantastic way to look at floral images.

Went to art school in Hackney, London. Went on to attend Harrow Art School. Also studied at St. Martens School of Art working under Norman Jones.

The artist turned out to love gardening and concentrated on devoping his style of floral works.

High range price:  $ 44,000 for an oil painting of flowers in a vase,

Low range price: Smaller floral works start around $7,000.

Worked in oils and watercolors and exhibited many times at the Royal Academy.

The artist passed away in 1979.

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  1. diattaart1 Said:

    In most works the vase is covered by flowers or leaves. I saw your work and it is rare that he painted that much detail in the vase. Clayton liked to paint detailed plinth’s, objects which the flower vase rests on.

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