Artist of the moment….French artist Le Pho…

The artist was actually born in Vietnam in 1907.

Went on to become one of best Impressionists of his day.

Was famous for his paintings of women in flower gardens.

A brief clip of some of the artists work. If you don’t understand the language in the beginning Le Pho’s painting images begin 15 seconds into the clip. I enjoy his playful and happy style of painting.

Le Pho had a tremendous artistic output working in oils, lithographs, watercolors, inks, and gouache.

High range price: $110,000 for a gouache sized 24 by 40 inches titled Hibiscus and birds.
$373,000 for a work done with inks titled the Purple Curtain.

Low range price: $5,000 for a small floral picture in oils.  12 by 12 inches.

In Vietnam he attended the Ecole de Beaux Arts de Hanoi, Vietnam. He received a scholarship to study in Ecole de Beaux Arts Paris in 1932. Upon returning to Vietnam he taught at the Indochine School of Fine Arts located in Hanoi, Vietnam. In 1937 he returned to Paris where he would live the rest of his days.

He had a unique and personal subject matter painting mainly scenes of women from his native Vietnam surrounded by flowers. In some paintings he leaned towards a Dali type of Surrealism elongated the female figures as they seem to float above the many fields of flowers.

Le Pho passed away in 2001.

This is probably my favorite artist to come from Vietnam. He had a very happy and impressionistic style of painting.

For some art homework try and paint a dream that you have had. Perhaps for some inspiration look to some Surreal masters like Dali or Leonora Corrington. Try to nail the mood of what you want to say rather than go for strict realism.

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