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Artist of the moment…….Nguyen Van Cuong….

The artist was born in Thai Binh, Vietnam in 1976.  The artist attended college at Hanoi University finishing in 1999. He was the highest graduate of his class earning a bachelors degree in art.

He is best known for his paintings of young women.

Paints mainly oils on canvas but has worked with watercolor on ink frequently.

Currently part of teaching staff at National College of Music and Art.

Uses lacquer in most of his artwork. Similar to the previous post, the Luo Brothers, this artist enjoys making commentary on the introduction of western objects into his native culture of Vietnam.

Won a first prize in Vietnam for a self portrait in 2011.

Paints very large faces, many times a head and shoulder portrait might be 40 by 40 inches.

Average price range: For a larger portrait in oils 40 by 40 inches around $10,000.

Not a large body of work or much info out there on this up and coming artist. I enjoy the way she handles the female figure. The figures seem very emotional and fragile. Perhaps sculpted of porcelain. The eyes she paints are very emotional as well. He also mixes in floral elements and butterflies in his works.

Try a portrait today, but paint it larger than you normally would.  Some great artists who paint figures very much larger than life would be Lu Cong and Alex Katz.

Happy painting!