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Artists of the moment…..The Luo Brothers…..Chinese Contemporary….


These brothers are a fantastic duo that integrate politics, social commentary, and Chinese culture into their works. The pair try to make a comment on the surge of western products and ideas into their culture.

Many times they work with idea of three young  Chinese boys growing up. The boys play with all sorts of toys that are from the highly commercialized United States and the western world.

The two were born in 1951.

A clip showing some works of the artists with a brief commentary.

The pair have worked in many mediums inlcuding fiberglass, resin, lacquer collage, hand carved wood reliefs, sculpture, ink,  oils, and acrylics.

As with other Chinese artists its very interesting to see how they portray the western world. The babies in these works are very happy and seem to be enjoying their Coca Cola products. As long as they can enjoy the products properity will rule the day.  The babies are more than happy to think about eating or drinking something as large as their bodies.

The artists were born in 1963 and 1964. Lou Wei Dong was born in 1963 in Guangxi, China. Lou Wei Gou also born in Guangxi, China. I could not find a birth date for Luo Weibing, the youngest brother. He went the Art Academy in Beijing, China.

Wei Dong attended the Guangxi Art College. Wei Gou attended the Ghanzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Both finished college in 1987.

High price range:  $366,000 for a work titled Welcome the WorldFamous Brands. Its in the gallery, the one with many chinese faces embracing western items such as Juicy Fruit, Coca- Cola, and another famous world famous American brand McDonalds.  Oil painting record is $68,000. Watercolor is $20,000. Enamel is $50,000.

Low price range: Oils for $5,000.

The brothers began to work together on artworks beginnig in 1986.

I enjoy their works as they represent what I believe many Chinese people are thinking, look at all of the products from the United States. Its interesting to think that the Chinese might see their fat babies as living the life having any material items they could want. In the new China EVERYONE will prosper rather than just the social elite.

The artists love to make shiny and glossy surfaces on their wood carvings, lacquer works, and resin sculptures. I enjoy their mix of new and old ideas representing what China could become in the current century. From a design standpoint I love the piece that sold for a record amount, Welcome World Famous Brands. The imperial red color mixed with prosperous golden color made for a strong and dynamic painting.