Artist of the moment…..Robert Gniewek

Considered part of the second wave or generation of photo realist painters. He concentrates on classic “Americana ” images such as cafes, roadside diners, and motels. Also has done a series on small town theaters, not the chain theaters you would see showing Harry Potter, but older smaller theaters specializing in Independent movies.

He also loves gas stations, the kind you might see in Mayberry. In this reguard he reminds me of Ed Ruscha, and his famous gas station painting.

One of many photorealist painters included in a book by gallery owner Louis K. Meisel who also represents the artist. The website for the gallery is:

This artist is great with color, similar in technique to Robert Cottingham. Cottingham is a master at painting letters and words as artforms. Both artists enjoy mixing warm and cool light sources. Natural sunlight for a cool light and neon light for a warm light source.

Although people might say it just looks like a photograph, the artist is a master at painting the reflections of light that you might see in a window. His diners hav a warm light glow that makes them look very inviting, as if in a time capsule. The mixture of warm and cool light sources on the neon signs gives the picture an added depth to go along with a very unique design.

The artist was born in 1951 in Detroit, Michigan.

The artist attended college in Detroit, Michigan studying at Wayne State University for both his bachelor and masters degrees in art.

High range price: $20,000

Low range price: $2,ooo

Try painting a hot dog stand, or small to go coffee stand, or newspaper stand. Try to nail the atmosphere and essence of the moment!

Happy painting!


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