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Artist of the moment…..Robert Gniewek

Considered part of the second wave or generation of photo realist painters. He concentrates on classic “Americana ” images such as cafes, roadside diners, and motels. Also has done a series on small town theaters, not the chain theaters you would see showing Harry Potter, but older smaller theaters specializing in Independent movies.

He also loves gas stations, the kind you might see in Mayberry. In this reguard he reminds me of Ed Ruscha, and his famous gas station painting.

One of many photorealist painters included in a book by gallery owner Louis K. Meisel who also represents the artist. The website for the gallery is:

This artist is great with color, similar in technique to Robert Cottingham. Cottingham is a master at painting letters and words as artforms. Both artists enjoy mixing warm and cool light sources. Natural sunlight for a cool light and neon light for a warm light source.

Although people might say it just looks like a photograph, the artist is a master at painting the reflections of light that you might see in a window. His diners hav a warm light glow that makes them look very inviting, as if in a time capsule. The mixture of warm and cool light sources on the neon signs gives the picture an added depth to go along with a very unique design.

The artist was born in 1951 in Detroit, Michigan.

The artist attended college in Detroit, Michigan studying at Wayne State University for both his bachelor and masters degrees in art.

High range price: $20,000

Low range price: $2,ooo

Try painting a hot dog stand, or small to go coffee stand, or newspaper stand. Try to nail the atmosphere and essence of the moment!

Happy painting!


Artist of the moment…..Realist John Baeder….

The artist is well known for capturing the Happy Days type Diners that remind the viewer or a trip along Route 66.  Some other artists who have worked in the same genre would be Dennis Ziemenski who captures the California of yesteryear and Bruce Cody who is a wonderful painter of buildings that you might see in America of the 1970s and 1980s.

A clip of the artist’s when he received a prestigious art award from the Governor of Tennessee.

The artist has worked in many mediums over the years but is best known for his watercolors.

High price range: $54,000 for  Diner Binghampton, New York painted in oils.

Low price range: prints can be found for a few hundred dollars.

The artist is closely associated with the photorealist movement. I find his work reminds me of Don Eddy, for his use of watercolor and the type of automobile. Also very similar to John Salt. Salt came from England but is associated with the photorealist movement in the United States. Salt is my favorite when it comes to portraying the typical Americana trailer park or mobile home setting.

Baby Brownie Camera was made by Eastman Kodak long ago when it was the Amazon or Google of its day. Perhaps similar to the smart phone camera of today, back in its day it introduced people to the idea of snapshots. People taking pictures wherever they went and millions were sold in the 1950s and 1960s. The artist loved the camera as a young boy.

He started his career in advertising and worked in the industry from 1960 to 1972 leaving to pursue an art career full time. Also in 1972 he started to show full time at the OK Harris Gallery in New York City.

Has been included in more than thirty one man shows.

Museum collections include the Whitney Musuem of Art in New York City, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Yale University Museum of Art, and Detroit Institute of the Arts.

This artist paints what he loves, the old classic Americana image. He was inspired by photography that he saw at the Metropolitan Museum in New York taken by the Farm Security Administration.  After seeing the photographs he started collecting post cards of his favorite subject matter.

For some art homework how about taking at least a photograph of the next roadside restaurant you see. I would prefer that it served food, but that it had wheels. A diner on wheels. They have become popular all over the U.S. and especially here in Denver.

The artist lives and works out of Nashville, Tennessee.

Clip from a show in July 2012 at the Georgia Museum of Art.

Happy painting!