Artist of the moment…..David Shevlino….

The  artist was born in 1962.

He started off as a wildlife and landscape painter. A very tight and realistic painter. As he has blossomed as a painter his works now are very impressionistic with very graceful brushwork in his art. The paintings are finished enough so the viewer is intrigued, but nothing is overstated or overworked in his art.

A brief video on the artist and his works. One of the most diverse artists out there and it you can see how many different subjects he has worked with over the years. As the clip says in the beginning, the artist is freaking good at EVERYTHING!

One reason I love this artist is that he tries EVERYTHING when it comes to art. A child, an elderly person, a barn, a piece of fruit, and animating are all done at  very high level. To be honest I try to avoid using technology in my art, but after seeing this demo and the life he brought to the animation project, I may have to try out a Corel product just to experiment. This clip shows a neat animation done by Shevlino with a figure diving into the water.

The artist has some DVDs available and here is a short preview for his style of painting of the still life.  Gotta love his brushwork!

The artist was first drawn to the art world at the age of fourteen. He was able to visit the Metropolitan Musuem of Art. Shevlino started making copies of the master works he saw there and by the age of sixteen knew that he wanted to become a full time professional artist.

The artist has studied at many great institutions of art. The Art Students League of New York, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and earned a college degree in Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania.

low price range: Small floral oils starting at $2,000. Pastel landscapes for $1,000.

high price range: $20,000 for a large oil painting.

The artist is great at painting moving figures as well, such as the boxers. The boxers are very lively and like the sumo wrestlers, its easy to tell the artist has a great grasp of the human form. If you enjoy the painted boxing figure I would suggest looking up art works painted by Steve Huston and George Bellows. Huston loves to layer paint on his works. Interesting also he likes to remove paint as well, using sandpaper on every work. Put some paint on, take it off. Huston likes to develop the abstraction in his works this way. Bellows was a great painter of the landscape, but was also a fantastic illustrator and painter of the figure engaged in sport.

I hope Mr. Shevlino inspires you to try a new medium and develop your creative skills even more when you let go and aren’t afraid to jump out of your normal creative style. As with any master artist when you see the works in person you get a better grasp at the artist’s use of color and how he layers it for effect.

On line and land based galleries:  Gallery 1261 in Denver, Colorado.

A link to the artist’s own website:

Happy painting!


He has worked in pastels and oils for the most part.

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