Artist of the moment….California Master Impressionist Guy Rose….


This artist is perhaps held in the highest regard of any of the California Impressionist painters.

high priced range: $1.9 million for Owens River in Sierra Nevada, California. 34 by 40 inch oil painting.

low priced range: $20,000 for a medium sized oil.

A brief clip about an auction at Bonham and Butterfields featuring the artist. I hope to include more of these type of clips where the viewer can hear from the owner and the auction house about the business end of the art industry. Art auctions are very fascinating to see if human emotions take over and the end price far exceeds the high estimate price.

The artist was born in 1867 in San Gabriel, California.

His father got involved in politics and became a state senator in California. His family had a very large ranch in souther California and even owned a vineyard. In 1876 Guy Rose was shot in the face while hunting  and while recuperating he began to learn how to draw and sketch. As soon as the artist finished high school he moved to San Francisco and began studying under a master artist from Denmark, Emil Carlsen. In 1888 he moved to Paris and began at the Adademie Julien.

He began his art career as an illustrator working for such magazines as Harpers, Scribners, and Century. This was in the United States.

The artist was eager to move back to France and did so 1899, buying an estate in Giverny, France.  Yes, this is the same Giverny where Claude Monet produced his best work. Monet became a close friend and mentor the artist. The artist lived mainly in Giverny from 1904 to 1912.

The artist taught briefly at the Pratt Institute.

In 1913 he and his wife moved to Rhode Island to start a summer art school. The couple also developed lead poisoning in Greece. The couple moved permanently to Los Angeles in 1914. Guy Rose served as head of the Stickney Memorial School of Art in Pasadena. He had a stroke in 1921 and it left him paralyzed but he continued to paint.

I enjoy his lively brushwork and color. Although he was known for his landscapes, he painted great portraits as well. Its great to see his influence on all the California landscape that followed in his path. What a great history the artist had to have had Claude Monet as a mentor. And with your father as a prominent senator the family was able to support the artist with the best education that money could buy in the art world. A master artist who maximized his abilities to the highest level possible.

Happy painting!


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