Artist of the moment…..Faith Ringgold….

The artist is well known for her portrayal of african americans and folk art.

The artist was born in 1930 in Harlem, New York.  The artist attended college at the City College of New York earning a master’s degree in Art in 1959.

A short clip featuring the artist talking about quilting as as a means of expression similar to painting.

An interview from 1998 featuring the artist  and how being an artist and mother helped shaped her artistic endeavors.

A wonderful clip showing the artist talking about art and society movements of the 1960s and 1970s. First they had to figure out what people of color’s rights were. Then they had to figure out what women’s rights were. She also mentions how quilting IS FINE ART.

high price range:  $10,000 for an oil painting.

low price range: $2,500 for a silkscreen.

The artist works in oils, acrylics, and print making.

The artist has some posters and prints available from–a1966/faith-ringgold-posters.htm

The artist was heavily influenced by her mother and this caused her to use fabric in her designs. The artist’s mother worked in the fashion industry. Her quilt paintings were based on Buddhism.

She has known many of the greatest African- American painters such as Romare Bearden, Jacob Lawrence, and Betye Staar.

Has works in the Museum of Modern Art and Museum and the Metropolitan Musuem of Art both in New York City.

On line and land based galleries:  ACA Galleries in New York, New York.

Ringgold has also illustrated seventeen childrens books over the decades.

On January 16th Google used a doodle of hers for their homepage. The google doodles are great works of art and I hope you caught the google doodle featuring Julia Childs as we celebrated her 100th birthday this past week. It was a great caricature of Childs on her cooking television set.

The artist has been a leader in pushing for women’s rights and their inclusion in the art world. In 1970 at the Whitney Annual Ringgold helped lead a group that wanted more women to be included in the show. At least fifty percent of the show should be women the group stated. The group placed dirty napkings and blew whistles and sang to show how upset their demands were not met.

Has a nationally known author for a daughter whose name is Michelle Faith Wallace. She has written about race and the struggles of persons of color.

The artist even won a lawsuit against Black Entertainment Television for copyright infringement. The tv show Roc had her work appear on camera for a period of 26 seconds without her permission. She won the lawsuit.

Also a two time recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts award.

I enjoy this artist for her connection to the past and the fact she has taken quilts to a very high level of fine art.

Happy painting!


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