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Artist of the moment…..Vanessa Beecroft…

A brief clip showing art done by Beecroft.

A public art project done in 1999.

An interview with the artist as she prepares for a show about Nudes given with Playboy magazine.

The artist hails from Italy and is a contemporary artist working in many mediums. The artist mainly does performance art but also has made prints, watercolors, acrylics, graphite drawings, photographs, posters, and oils.

Beecroft was born in 1969 in Genoa, Italy. The artist attended architecture school in Genoa. The artist also attended some academies in Italy where she enjoyed learning about stage and set design.

The artist currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

Working primarily in performance art, similar to the floral artist Robert Kushner, Beecroft tailor makes her performances and then has photographs taken of the event. The photographs are sold as individual works o art. This artist gets an A+ for business sense!!!  When making a performance piece the artist takes into consideration the political, historical, and social themes of a location.

high price range: A photo from a show taking place in Genoa. $56,000.

low price range: Graphite drawings from $5,000.

The artist had her first show in 1993 and the show took place in Milan, Italy. The show was a mixture of drawings and photographs.

For her paintings, the style is that of using a simple pattern and going for a modern and flat composition similar to Julian Opie or Alex Katz. The artist is very diverse in her output. The paintings are modern in composition but don’t push any boundaries. In her performances the subject matter many times has to do with something that could be offensive to someone else like nude sexy females in a very provacative pose. The artist is ground breaking in that she interprets a scene that may have been painted in the Renaissance period with modern figures.  She just contemporary compositions of the paintings the art crowd has been looking at for centuries. Very exciting!

Though she paints she also has given her live performances at several well-known locations worldwide. At the Biennale in Venice, the Guggenheim in New York City, at the Gagosian Gallery in London, England, another Biennale in Sao Paulo, Brazil in Sydney, Australia and Berlin, Germany.

The artist is very bold and provocative in her ideas. To simulate the genocide and the mass murders taking place in Darfur, Sudan her idea was to have thirty women from Sudan lying face down on a white surface.

The artist was part of a documentary movie made about her as she tried to adopt some twins from the Sudan. The name of the movie was the Art Star and the Sudanese Twins. The movie was included in the Sun Dance Film Festival.

I enjoy this artist for her very unique niche and thoughtful ideas. It might take a while to get into really looking at installation art or performance art. Once you realize how much thought must go into each idea its simply amazing.  One great performance was given in Milan, Italy in 2009. Titled the Last Supper, a  modern take on a famous composition. Her take was that all the people at the table were African immigrants both legal and illegal, dressed in suits and eating dinner without any cutlery. Very interesting to see the work, come up with your own ideas,  and then compare it to what the artist was trying to portray. At the time many European countries were trying to slow down the influx of Africans to their country.

Please take some time to review the husband and wife artist team Christo and Jean-Claude. They had a unique installation set to appear above the Colorado river. I can’t wait to see how their idea is executed.