Artist of the moment….Landscape painter Anne Packard….


The artist specializes in painting harbor and coastal scenes set on the eastern shorelines of the United States.

In this clip the artist talks about her paintings and you also get to see her starting a new canvas. It is very interesting to see her paint as she uses her own hands instead of a brush frequently in painting sky and cloud areas.

The artist was born in 1933 in Hyde Park, New Jersey. Whilst growing she spent her summers in Provincetown, Massachusetts. She did her schooling in New York City and her father was a prominent doctor in New York City.  She moved to Provincetown full time in 1977.

The works of this artist I enjoy the most are her early works which were painted on highly weathered shingles and weathered wood panels. The artist attended Bard College. The artist was able to study with Phil Malicoat.

The artist works mainly in oils but has painted with acrlylics also. In addition to painting on the shingles the artist paints on masonite and board. She is also a printmaker and has worked with ink on paper as well. She started painting seriously at age thirty, selling her works on shingles to visiting tourists on the sidewalks.

Her work struck a nerve with well known abstract artist Robert Motherwell, who bought 23 pieces of art from Packard for his own collection.

The largest room in her Cape Cod home????  You are correct, the artist’s studio!!!

The artist has prints available from Blazing Editions as well.

The artist is a great painter of the coast. If you enjoy this artist be sure and check out other Cape Cod painters such as Charles Movalli, the Gruppe family, and Rick Fleury. Rick Fleury’s coastal scenes are very similar to Anne Packards. Windswept dunes with grey skies and rolling cloud shapes.

high price range: $13,000

low priced range: many smaller sized originals can be found for less than one thousand dollars. The artist is very prolific as far as her painting output is concerned.

Anne Packard comes from a painting family known through out the Cape Cod area similar to the Gruppe family. Packard’s grandfather was Max Bohm, a well known Impressionistic painter. Bohm went to art school at a very young age and by the age of sixteen had collectors eager to purchase his paintings. Bohm was even able to study at the Acadamie Julien in Paris, France.

The artist loves to travel and paint. She has painted in countries such as Mexico, Ireland, Italy, and Greece.

As far as painting techniques, the artist loves to paint the mandy shades of grey that exist on the coast. She enjoys painting the skies as full of movement and exciting cloud shapes.

A link to the artist’s website:

Try a coastal painting today. Study some of the greats I have mentioned here such as the Gruppe family, John Stobart, and Mike Karas.

Happy painting!



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