Artist of the moment….Barkley L. Hendricks….

This artist is known for painting the figure in a contemporary manner.

A short interview with the artist for a show given at Duke University during 2008.

Another interview with the Nasher Museum of Duke University and the artist talking about Rembrandt.

A work done by the artist in mixed media. Looks like a fantastic figure painting that looks even more interesting when the lights are shut off.

low price range:  $4,000 for a small oil.

high price range: $144,000 for an oil 66 by 50 inches.

The artist was born in April of 1945 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From a design standpoint he reminds me of African American painters such as Sam Goodsell, Dean Mitchell, Mario Robinson, Kehinde Wiley  in that several works deal with one solitary figure. Modern in his use of graphically exciting patterns for clothing and furniture, this reminds me of the artist Mickalane Thomas. Thomas paints mainly African- American women in acrylics with full bling using rhinestones.

Hendricks works with many mediums including photography, oils, acrylics, gold and silver leaf. In the last film clip he used a paint additive that made the colors glow in the dark when the lights were turned off! Very creative! Fantastic!

Hendricks studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. For college level studies he attended Yale for both his bachelors and masters degrees, both in art.

The artist is currently a professor at Connecticut College. Hendricks lives and works out of New London, Connecticut where the college is located.

Part of many collections including the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.   , the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, and the Philadelphia Musuem of Art.

The artist has appeared in national magazines such as ArtForum magazine.

On line and land based galleries:  Jack Shainman Gallery in New York City.

The artist gained national fame in the 197os for his paintings of urban youth. From a design standpoint I can see he has had a great deal of influence on Kehinde Wiley. Both artists like to make references to the Byzantine period of art. After 1983 the artist’s output seemed to have slowed dramatically. As to why this happened I am unable to provide a solid answer.

From the Nasher Musuem show in Duke a great book is available starting at $140 plus shipping. It contains more than 100 pictures.

The artist also reminds me the sculptor Duane Hanson, a master at capturing a very ordinary person going about their daily activities. Hendricks is excellent at capturing the patterns and colors of the time. To look at the painting you can smell Afrosheen in the air. Please take some time to check out Sam Goodsell, Mickalane Thomas, and Kehinde Wiley. Each are African- American contemporary painters with some similarities in their design and usage of color.

I enjoyed his painting of a basketball hoop the most, I connected to it right away. Great design and simple repeated shapes to keep the viewer interested.

Keep on learning!


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